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Over the years, Globe myBusiness has partnered with enterprises to offer the best solutions to customers’ issues. From strengthening communications, enhancing operations, to ensuring data protection, clients can count on top-of-the-line products for their businesses.

With COVID-19 effectively changing the way we work, Globe myBusiness has ramped up solutions that help keep data and organizations protected 24/7. “As companies pivot to adapt to the changing work environment, having a solid business continuity plan remains to be a key milestone for companies to thrive in these new conditions. The ability to process data and information in a secure virtual environment, as operations move from workspaces to home,  is vital to maintaining the integrity of the company. Keeping client information safe from cyber threats and attacks at all times are equally important, ” according to Grace Anduiza, Senior Director for the ICT Business Group of Globe myBusiness. “With all the threats coming from multiple sources, Globe myBusiness understands the need to safeguard data of clients and their customers. That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Check Point, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions. Our customers can be assured that they get the best in endpoint and cloud security for team’s mobiles, desktops, and cloud networks.”

Check Point provides consolidated cybersecurity solutions across networks, endpoints, and the cloud. These protect devices from the many types of cyberattacks that plague businesses, especially true for small, medium, and emerging organizations.

According to Check Point, cybercriminals often target and breach small and medium enterprises. Small businesses make up 43 percent of security breach victims, and 63 percent of SMEs’ attacks result in confirmed breaches. The pandemic indeed exposed business’ vulnerabilities, making it the best time for cybercriminals to strike.

Check Point understands that businesses embracing mobile and SaaS (software as a service) technologies have increased their vulnerability and chances of being targeted. Thus, companies need to take steps to ensure overall protection, especially now that many struggle to regain control over the pandemic’s impact.

To address cybersecurity issues, Check Point helps keep businesses protected in several ways, as seen in this list of products. These solutions promise to:

Additionally, Check Point consistently meets and exceeds the strictest requirements of internationally recognized standards and has garnered numerous awards for its work, including recognition from companies like Gartner, a global leading research and advisory company.

No matter the size of your business, securing your data should be a priority. Thankfully, Globe myBusiness together w/ CheckPoint has the right solutions for SMEs.

If you think your enterprise could benefit from these solutions, Globe myBusiness is here to help. Fill out this sign up form and get started on protecting your company today.

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There’s no doubt the world has changed. As a result of the pandemic, working cultures across the globe have evolved in unprecedented ways. With the shift to remote work and online collaboration, cybercrime is more active. Criminals take advantage of organizations’ system vulnerabilities, especially smaller-scale companies such as SMEs and other similarly sized businesses.

In May 2020, cybersecurity researchers recorded 200,000 coronavirus-related cyberattacks per week. That’s a 30 percent increase compared to weeks before that observation. Since then, cyber threats have only continued to rise. Phishing and malware have become major threats to SMEs’ operations. Clearly, enterprises now need to adapt and act swiftly to ensure effective security solutions are in place.

Here are some ways cybercriminals can attack your business as a result of the shift to remote work:

As most businesses own multiple devices, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers, securing these endpoints is essential for operations.

Thankfully, Globe myBusiness has the right solutions to keep your businesses running securely during times of uncertainty. With its range of products from Check Point, a leader in cybersecurity solutions, you can address all your security needs, and across multiple platforms, to adapt to the new normal.

Here two ways to ensure your business is protected, even while your team is working remotely.

#1 Protect Your Mobile Devices

Since the pandemic began, mobile attacks have more than doubled. Now that you connect to your customers and employees more with your mobile device, it’s only smart to protect it.

There are two ways you can go about this. You can choose to do this the DIY way, which is ideal for single devices, or you can have a professional manage it, which is best for teams with 10 or more devices:

The DIY Solution To Protecting Your Device: Zone Alarm

This entry-level solution protects your business with enterprise-grade security that’s easy to install and you can manage yourself. It doesn’t just protect your phone, too. You can use it for mobile, PC/desktop, or for both.

Zone Alarm protects PC data from ransomware and equips it with anti-phishing security to shield against viruses, unwanted traffic, and identity theft. It uses Check Point’s legendary firewall that blocks hackers, trackers, and spyware.

The Professionally Managed Solution Through Check Point’s IT Security Experts: Harmony Endpoint (formerly Sandblast)

With Harmony Endpoint, a professional cybersecurity expert will be the one to manage your mobile devices remotely. Aside from that, Harmony Endpoint also has advanced features that are not available to ZoneAlarm, such as Anti Exploit, Behavioral Guard, Forensics, Endpoint Data Protection Encryption, and Cloud Management.

Similar to Zone Alarm, you can use Harmony Endpoint for mobiles only, PC/laptops only, or both.

#2 Protect Your Network

A quick shift to remote and cloud-based operations like Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) and Microsoft 365 can lead to security issues like data breaches and hacking. Your website can also be taken over by hackers easily if you’re not vigilant. Here are two solutions to ensure your data is protected when you use cloud-based applications, and that your online services are always up and running:

Protect Your Data When Using Web-based Applications: Harmony Email & Office (formerly CloudGuard SaaS)

To protect web-based applications like Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and the like, Harmony Email & Office has you covered. It blocks sophisticated phishing attacks and malware without interfering with your work, so that cybercriminals can’t take over your employees’ accounts. This ensures your business’ data is protected and threats are busted before they even appear in your accounts.

Protect Your Network From Attacks: DDoS Protect

DDoS, which stands for distributed denial-of-service, is a type of cyberattack that attempts to disrupt the normal traffic of its targeted server, service, or network by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic. As a result, it prevents regular traffic from entering the system, servers become unreachable, and networks crash.

DDoS Protect will block attacks to your system before they can cause damage. With this, you don’t have to worry about your online services bugging down. No more disruptions to your websites and online stores so that they’re always up and running.

Ready to protect your business as you drive your digital plans forward? Learn more about Globe myBusiness’ partnership with Check Point and get their top-rating security solutions from us. Click this sign up form so we can guide you on how to get started.

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With the increased use of mobile devices and growing Internet penetration, cybersecurity threats have become a growing concern for both businesses and individuals. In 2016, cybercrime was the second-most reported economic crime affecting a third of organizations, according to the PwC Global Economic Crime Survey.

But large organizations aren’t the only ones looking into measures on how to protect against cyber attacks. According to a 2018 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute:

The harsh truth: Every business is at risk. That’s why it’s important to know the types of cyber threats they may encounter, as well as how to prevent them through effective cybersecurity solutions.


How it works: You get an email from your bank asking you log into your account to continue enjoying its mobile banking feature. The email address it’s from is different from their usual correspondence.

By clicking on the link, you could become a victim of email phishing wherein a seemingly reputable source invites you to download an unknown attachment or visit a fake version of a trusted website. They then steal your information as you attempt to log in. According to security firm Kaspersky Lab, phishing is at an all-time high, with the number of attacks over 137 million in 2018.

Make it a habit to always check if the sender’s email address is genuine, as well as the link address they’re inviting you to click. Don’t download attachments from unknown sources, and only use a secure connection when visiting sensitive websites.

Increase your email security and have a secure Web gateway in place to further protect PCs and mobile devices from data leaks and malicious URLs.


How it works: You receive an email from an unfamiliar source asking you to download the attached file, saying it’s important.

By its name, ransomware is a malicious program that, when downloaded and activated, prevents users from accessing files and using applications until a ransom is paid, usually through cryptocurrency.

According to security firm FireEye, ransomware attacks on small and large organizations have been rising since 2015 — and will continue to do so because small businesses have “limited security budgets and expertise.”

Always make sure that your IT personnel are trained to spot vulnerabilities and implement preventive measures. Globe MyBusiness’s managed cybersecurity solutions can also help secure your network at a budget that will be easy to manage.

Cloud-based Breach

How it works: While trying to access your company’s cloud server, you decide to write down your password on a piece of paper and hide it somewhere. You might think it’s a good idea, but actually, it’s not. Writing down passwords is the easiest way for your network to get hacked; try a password manager instead. Cloud-based solutions have become attractive targets because of their potential to bring down entire networks.

According to Microsoft, cloud-based attacks focusing primarily on cloud and endpoint security increased by as much as 300% in 2017. These attacks are usually the result of weak passwords, poor password management, targeted phishing attacks, and the breach of third-party services.

It isn’t enough for IT staff to be knowledgeable; employees also need to know the importance of cybersecurity in business. Make sure that passwords are kept private and regularly changed, implement a robust web application firewall, and set up a protocol for all employees to follow in the event of a breach or hack.

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

How it works: You invite anyone with a digital device to connect to the company network to impress them about your new smart office where you can control everything with just your phone.

However, it’s difficult to ensure that all devices that connect to your network are secure. While IoT has allowed digital devices to connect to the Internet for greater efficiency and convenience, it’s also made it easier for cybercriminals to compromise an entire network. According to a report from security firm Symantec, the number of IoT attacks increased from 6,000 in 2016 to 50,000 in 2017 — rising 600% in one year.

It’s a business necessity to have a secure network connection, as well as rules about devices that can be allowed to connect to the office network. Globe MyBusiness’ Unified Threat Management (UTM) and boxed security solutions can help SMEs address advanced information security threats while alleviating the pressures created by budget constraints, skills shortages, and compliance requirements.

Let Globe myBusiness become your reliable partner in providing quality solutions against cyberattacks that could harm your business. Get in touch with our expert account managers to learn more.

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