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To help small and medium-sized enterprises in Tacloban understand the benefits of digital marketing, the Globe myBusiness Academy Tacloban leg featured experts who shared the advantages of digital marketing and how it be an effective promotional tool to Samar MSMEs.

During Go Lokal Tacloban, over 150 participants from different parts of Samar — Ormoc, Palompon, and Baybay City — learned about the benefits of going digital, all with the goal of growing their business.

Hon. Jerry “Sambo” Yaokasin, Vice Mayor of Tacloban, explained the reason behind the event. “Ayaw kita pagpabaya. Five years after Yolanda, we are about growth and development. If we keep the pace we are at, we will not grow.”

“There’s a new way of doing business. You should learn it if you want things to happen for your negosyo. What we’ll learn today is ‘paano mag-negosyo ng walang tindahan through e-commerce and digital marketing,’” Hon. Desiderio P. Delas from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) told the participants.


Motivational speaker Chinkee Tan agreed, saying during his talk on Innovations for Business Growth and Success, “Growing your business means having to adapt to change. In the 21st century, it’s simple: innovate or evaporate. If you change, you’ll be able to grab great opportunities. If you don’t, you become extinct.”

Maximizing digital platforms and social media doesn’t just involve grabbing your phone and flooding your feed with photos and announcements. Businesses need to set objectives and goals to be able to create successful campaigns. To get started, you can use it to tell people about your brand, get repeat customers, and expand your clientele.

“To gain new customers, obsess about them. Where do they go online? What are their motivations? You can find out about your audience through Facebook audience insights. You make sure you re-market to customers who have already tried your food. Make them feel special, send them special discounts through social media, email, or even SMS,” shared Faith Salazar, digital marketing manager of Globe myBusiness.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways businesses can use social media to leverage its business. Aside from using Facebook insights, you can post polls and surveys so you can get to know your customers better. Keep them engaged with photos and videos.

And while you can get feedback in real time, keep in mind that results won’t have an impact overnight. As Ginger Arboleda, Founder of Manila Workshops, shared during her Business 101 talk, “Earning money will take time. Creating a legacy will take time.”

The same applies to businesses going digital. It takes patience, constant experimentation, and investing in ads before you reap the rewards.

Over time, through your efforts, you’ll gain real fans, maximize the power of word of mouth, and build your brand. Alvin Ching, vice president and head of seller engagement at Lazada, also encouraged the participants to explore the possibilities of e-commerce. Selling online can help increase revenue and cut costs in some areas of the business.

“Technology will differentiate your store from others. Take advantage of the technology available, but take on the learnings that you [get from experts],” he advised.

Another way of going digital is by building your own website. “Done well, your website can boost your business results,” said Eugene Arboleda of Taxumo and Manila Workshops. Having your own website lends credibility to your business, makes it easy for customers (old and new alike) to find you, and give your business an online headquarters of sorts, among others.

These days, a comment or a photo posted online can make or break a business. Whether it’s inefficient service or stale food, expect customers to post about it on social media — where everyone is free to read and share the news. Thus, going digital is not only an effective way of measuring customer satisfaction; it’s also a tool for businesses to spread the word about a product or a service.

Paco Magsaysay, owner of founder of Carmen’s Best, revealed how instrumental social media was to his ice cream business’ success: “We were very fortunate that when we started in 2011, social media was very prominent, and we used social media a lot to help us out.”

So while going digital can be a challenge — since change is never easy, as most would say — the future looks promising for Tacloban, aptly named the City of Hope. The Globe myBusiness Academy Tacloban leg saw Taclobanon entrepreneurs evolving to become globally ready, realizing the potential of tech tools and embracing digital solutions.

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In fulfilling its mission to lead local businesses to embrace the digital world, Globe myBusiness Academy rallied entrepreneurs in Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines, to the future of local businesses.

Globe myBusiness Academy, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Pampanga Chamber of Commerce, launched a Go Lokal learning session last November 29, 2018.

Held at SM City Pampanga, the learning session featured motivational speakers, industry experts, and veteran entrepreneurs who offered insights that can help Kapampangan business owners reach success in the digital world.

Globe myBusiness Sales Head Cleo Santos hailed the micro, small, and medium businesses (MSMEs) as the backbone of the country’s growing economy, citing data from DTI which shows that they make up about 36% of the country’s economy.

This was why Globe myBusiness is excited to bring in experts to provide solutions to Pampanga, where thriving businesses from different industries are emerging fast, Santos said.

“Our advocacy remains that all MSMEs embrace the digital world. That is why we are here to provide affordable solutions that are fit for your businesses,” she said.

Likewise, DTI Provincial Head Elenita Ordinio emphasized the importance of training in how to make technology work for you, such as the Go Lokal learning sessions.

“Do not leave your learnings in the four corners of this venue. You have to translate them into action. Share all the learnings. Invest in training. Invest in technology,” Elenita urged Go Lokal participants.

If you missed Globe myBusiness Academy in Pampanga, we’ve got you covered! Here is a rundown of what industry experts and veteran entrepreneurs shared during the learning session.

Success means being sustainable

For motivational speaker Francis Kong, a business has to be sustainable and replicable for it to succeed in the long term.

“If you run a business and it isn’t sustainable, it ain’t a business. It’s just a gig,” he said.

However, if the business is sustained but it’s not growing, then it may be in the “danger zone,” Francis said. This is why he advised entrepreneurs to invest in technology, research, and development to get ahead as “competitors are never sleeping.”

Success means learning from failures

Miguel Magsaysay, Sales and Marketing Executive of premium ice cream brand Carmen’s Best, emphasized that success appears easy at first look; however, it takes a lot of hardships to achieve.

“All entrepreneurs face failures and hardships just like everyone else. The thing that makes entrepreneurs different from other people is that they take failures and turn them into lessons. They learn from their mistakes instead of letting them bring them down,” Miguel said.

Success means growth

Ginger Arboleda, Founder of Manila Workshops, emphasized the importance of constantly striving to grow and improve your business.

For example, Ginger stressed that no idea is perfect. “There are a lot of lies we tell ourselves. ‘We have a great idea, and we won’t fail.’ If that’s our mindset, believe me, you will fail.”

“If you think that an idea is a perfect idea, you don’t have room for improvement anymore because you already think it’s perfect,” she said, adding that entrepreneurs should embrace constant change in this technologically advanced world.

Success means engaging with people

Joey Flores, Associate Director at AdSpark, believes that for a business to grow, it has to be where the customers are. “Be there, be found, and be engaging.”

About 67 million Filipinos are online and on social media. To engage with customers where they are, Joey said it was important for businesses to be on social media and to create their own website.

“Back in the day, you could get away with not having a website. A website before was nice to have. But today, if you don’t have a website, basically your company doesn’t exist online. If your competitor has a website, your clients will go to them instead because people today do their research,” he said.

Success means embracing digitization

The future is now. Embrace it.

This was the advice of Eugene Arboleda, Subject Matter Expert at Manila Workshops, as he emphasized that the future of local businesses is now, and that entrepreneurs should embrace digital transformation.

“People say you have to prepare for the future when people are online. I’m saying that future we’re talking about is already happening. People are already online,” he said.

Success means making technology work for you

In embracing the digital world, entrepreneurs have to learn how to make technology work for them.

For example, Lazada Vice President and Seller Engagement Head Alvin Ching said that brick and mortar stores (or physical stores) can use online selling channels as a solution to help them reach out to more customers across the country.

“Brick and mortar stores, these offline stores, are here to stay. However, the online channel is a good complement to your business,” he said.

The future is now. The world has ushered into the digital age. Businesses are thriving. New ideas are emerging. It’s time for us to embrace digitization as success is within our reach.

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As the Philippine economy continues to grow in a digital world, Globe myBusiness Academy led entrepreneurs in Cagayan de Oro to the future of local businesses in a Go Lokal learning session last October 29, 2018. (more…)

On October 24, 2018, Globe myBusiness Academy and DTI brought together business owners and entrepreneurs-to-be from all over Davao City for a day of expert-led tips, insights and inspirations to guide them through their business journeys. Whether they’re just starting out, in the middle of running their negosyo, or right at the peak of their growth, there was something for them all to learn at the Globe myBusiness Academy Session.

Here are some of the best insights and quotes we picked up from the event:

“What’s important in business is diskarte that comes with the right knowledge.” – Francis Kong

Knowledge may be important, but it’s not everything when it comes to business. A bit of street smarts goes a long way when it comes to starting your business, and throughout the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.

Redefine passion. We shouldn’t look for it. Whatever is there that we are passionate about, that’s passion.” – Ginger Arboleda

We place a lot of pressure on ourselves to “find our passion”. Sometimes we forget that it comes down to something we truly enjoy doing, something that we are not afraid to work for. When we think of passion this way, it’s easier to find.

“What idea can I turn into a business? Where can I find that business idea that I can use and grow and build? Where do good ideas come from?” – Ginger Arboleda

All businesses start with something simple: an idea. But it’s not enough just to have one. You need an idea that you can build upon, one that can be a foundation for a whole business strategy and plan.

“Have a little introspection. Have a little thinking space before you start.” – EJ Arboleda

While choosing to start a business is a great idea, you need to play things smart in the way you do so. Don’t just jump in without doing your research first, without having a solid plan, or without adequate preparation.

“If there’s one thing I learned from business, it’s that learning never stops.” – Francis Kong

Don’t close yourself to learning once you’ve graduated from educational levels. Remember that learning is a lifelong thing, so always be humble enough to develop new skills or learn new techniques.

“Time is the scarcest resource today.” – Francis Kong

If you have an idea, strategy or plan that you know will work, don’t waste your time. You’ve heard of the saying, “So much to do, so little time.” Time matters so much that you have to make the most of it.

“You don’t compromise. You only give the best.” – Jaime Magsaysay

Cutting corners is not going to give your customers the products or services they deserve, and it makes a big difference to really give your all to your business — not just in the resources for your products, but in everyday operations too.

“Technology will differentiate your store from others. […] Take advantage of the technology available, but take on the learnings that you [get from experts].” – Alvin Ching

Because you always need to be open to learning new things, don’t waste the opportunity to listen to and absorb the lessons you learn and skills you develop from what’s available to you — like lifelong insights from experts, or accessible technology.

“Design your website such that it serves a specific purpose aligned with the problem of your business.” – EJ Arboleda

In terms of technology, nothing will be more of a home for your brand than your website. The most important thing for you to focus on when it comes to your site is its purpose. Whether you’re after leads, sales, or services, make sure your website is doing what it was made to do.

“You need to create more content. It’s all about content right now.” – Joey Flores

Focus also on the content you post. These days, customers consume so much content that it’s hard for them to decipher one post from another. Having something that makes your content stand out from the rest calls their attention and keeps their interest.

“You have to put yourself in a situation where you will constantly think, ‘What can I do to grow my business?’. If you’re not in that mindframe, that’s risky. […] Change is scary, but it is scarier not to change.” – Francis Kong

Like learning, change is also constant in your business journey. Welcome change in your business, because your market is dynamic and ever-changing as well. You have to adjust to the world around you in order to survive, and in order to thrive in business.

There is a huge online opportunity for the Philippines today. […] Whether [or not] you’re starting offline right now, you should be exploring online [opportunity] because the future is going to be digital.” – Alvin Ching

If you’re looking for a place to grow, there’s no better one than an online platform. As the world becomes more digital by the day, this is where your market will soon be, and where you should be as well.


Globe myBusiness Academy’s Go Lokal session in Davao was a rousing success, with various speakers there to inspire, educate and empower the people of Davao with business tips and essential pieces of advice, plus various digital tools and solutions they could use for their businesses.

Best of all, whether they were in the food, accommodations, retail, or online services industries, and no matter what stage of their business journey they were in, there was something for them to take home and find inspiration from.

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Last September 28, Globe myBusiness in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the local government of Muntinlupa launched Globe myBusiness Academy Muntinlupa at Alabang Town Center. They brought in esteemed speakers to talk about starting, managing and building a business from the ground up, and featured the many digital tools and solutions Globe myBusiness has to offer to entrepreneurs.

The event featured motivational speaker Chinkee Tan, various business owners and veteran entrepreneurs. Check out these top insights we picked up from the many inspiring talks:

“People resist change because of two things: routine, and fear [of failure],” Chinkee Tan said. He stated that changing your mindset is one of the best things you can do if you want to achieve success. He added that, “Things that brought us to where we are today may not bring us to where we want to be tomorrow [and you should] use failure as a stepping stone to what you want in life.”

Paco Magsaysay’s retelling of his story with Carmen’s Best proved how much love and devotion he gave to the business, and how his high standards have paid off. He proudly stated that what makes his ice cream unique are the best ingredients, which are chosen based on taste and not profit margin. He also made sure that each step of the ice cream-making process is done without compromising taste and quality.

He adopted this mindset in everything else he does. As he said, “It’s so difficult to start a business. You need to be all-in.”

Ginger Arboleda of Manila Workshops and Taxumo gave some inspirational tips for finding your passion and purpose in life. She took a cue from the Japanese concept of ikigai, which is a combination of what you love, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs. Finding the one thing that connects all four concepts is, according to Ginger, your one true calling in life.

Few tips are as relevant in today’s world as the need to go digital. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever business you choose to put up, there’s a chance to be more digitally-savvy in it. Whether it’s through online marketing, using technology in your daily operations, or improving your customers’ experience through the Internet, you’ll find a way to empower your business that isn’t too expensive and is ultimately worth it.

As Cobena’s Rezza Custodio-Soriano mentioned in her talk, “[A] digital transformation is not expecting you, as an SME, to spend so much. […] Choosing to go digital makes things go faster, better, easier and simpler for you.”

AdSpark’s Joey Flores discussed the importance of online marketing in any kind of business, and positioned it as one of the most crucial parts of reaching out to your customers. He mentioned that, “Digital marketing is so important because everyone is online. […] It’s all about awareness. You want to get your product out there, and digital advertising can really help with that.”

He called digital marketing a great equalizer, adding that, “As long as you know your target market, you get an equal chance to reach people as bigger companies out there do.”

Eugene Arboleda of Taxumo gave his top tips for having a great website for your business. He started with identifying what your website’s purpose is. While it’s possible for your website to do everything, you may end up spreading your resources too thin. So, as Eugene said, “Choose one job, and have your website be really good at that one job.”

He also encouraged businesses to use search engine optimization, so that their websites come first when their services are being searched for on engines like Google. For businesses that want to sell online, there are also partner sites like Shopify and MyWebsite which allow you to create a website that doubles as a marketplace for your products. Finally, for all kinds of sites, make sure to check the metrics and analytics that correspond to the purpose of your website, so you know if it’s really doing what it’s supposed to.

Globe myBusiness Academy Muntinlupa was a rousing success, with many current and potential entrepreneurs in the south of Metro Manila learning essential tips and gaining new insights on how to successfully start, run, and manage a business. Throughout the day-long session, they were also treated to special prizes and giveaways care of Globe myBusiness, as well as an inside look at the many Globe myBusiness Academy products they can apply to their businesses.

If you missed Globe myBusiness Academy Muntinlupa, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got more coming in store for you. Sign up to Globe myBusiness Academy today to learn more about upcoming Globe myBusiness Academy sessions and workshops!

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