In a society kept apart by the Covid-19 pandemic, industries like the creative sector need to stay connected to keep creative juices flowing—and this can be achieved by blending one’s artistic business pursuits with the right digital technology.

This was the key message of creative industry leaders at the recent webinar “Animation Fusion: Digital Entrepreneurship for Creatives,” spearheaded by the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI) in partnership with Globe Business.     

Ensuring artistic fluidity through creative adaptability

To help creative businesses maximize their potential, even when facing a crisis as unprecedented as Covid-19, creative entrepreneurs were advised to adopt a “jack of all trades” mindset—and to let go of the usual belief that being an artist-entrepreneur means being an expert in only one field or craft.

This can be achieved by constantly learning new skills and exploring different mediums to express their artistry using digital tools that allow them to try new styles and techniques and make their processes more efficient.

Using digital tools to power smarter work

Tim Genato, MSME Group Business Development Manager of Globe Business, emphasized the importance of using digital solutions to fuel creative work while managing the business.

“Creative entrepreneurs are more productive if they can work from anywhere. However, some of their key challenges involve the lack of decent internet connectivity, which leads them to search for places with free WiFi which could be a cybersecurity risk,” says Genato. “At the same time, this also affects their productivity and ability to deliver their output to clients.”

That’s why for these kinds of enterprises, especially the MSMEs, he identified four digital tools to run a creative business smoothly: a stable network connection, cloud solutions, collaborative platforms, and an efficient payment system that has cashless options. Genato says that all these tools are made more accessible by Globe Business, as they continuously find ways to empower MSMEs through solutions for every stage of the business.

For connectivity, Globe Business offers Mobile Plans, Fixed Fiber Internet (Broadband Internet), and Direct Internet that provide users with reliable bandwidth to facilitate virtual meetings, (heavy) file sharing like final artworks, and constant communications essential in bringing to life great creative ideas.

To improve day to day operations and create more efficient ways of working, Globe Business has a slew of productivity solutions to enable creative teams to work more collaboratively with each other online.

Through Globe Business’ Cloud Services, important business files and sensitive information critical to creative strategies are kept safe and secured on the cloud. You can also protect your business against cyberattacks with Globe Business Cybersecurity solutions, which offers advanced endpoint threat prevention, and insightful detection and response capabilities.

GCash for Business provides the enterprise cashless payment options to consumers and helps facilitate transactions faster such as salary disbursement to employees and payment distributions to suppliers, ensuring the financial stability of the business.

In addition to connectivity and digital solutions, Globe Business extends training services to its partners to ease their adoption of Globe Business ICT solutions; provides access to insights, tips and resources through Globe Business Academy helpful for business strategies; and grants exclusive rewards and benefits through its loyalty program Upstart that contribute to business resiliency and growth.

“Digital entrepreneurship is the only way to thrive in the midst of these uncertain times,” said ACPI president Miguel del Rosario. “The little physical things that we had to establish connections with others at work are now gone; we need to replicate these environments in the digital setup.”

Power up your creative business with the right digital tools from Globe Business. To learn more, call 121 or sign-up now at Globe Business’ work-from-home solutions to talk to an account manager.

To know more about ACPI, visit

Upended by the pandemic, the advertising industry in the country is one of the sectors to quickly realize the need to change the way it works, embrace new technologies and navigate the digital space to be able to get back on its feet and meet the demands of consumers.

To show support and provide industry insights into digital solutions that can help them pull off their major comeback, Globe Business has partnered with the Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP) in a virtual roundtable discussion dubbed “ASAP: Handa Ka Na Ba?! Thriving in the New Ad Industry.”

ASAP is a national organization that unites all sectors of advertising suppliers as partners in the industry, guided by the highest standards of ethical, professional, and responsible trade practices. Globe Business partnered with the association to assist small businesses in the industry to become digitally ready as they embark on digital transformation to thrive despite the pandemic.

Through the webinar, top industry leaders were able to come together to share and learn from various experiences how their respective sectors struggled at first when the pandemic took hold and eventually pivoted to focus on recovery from major disruptions to their businesses.

GCash as a safe space for financial transactions

Opening the lively discussions, Globe Business showcased digital wallet GCash as it continues to give businesses a safe space in the fast-changing digital economy to manage their finances amid telecommuting and social distancing restrictions.

As one of the biggest e-wallets in the country, GCash offers wide-ranging services to help enterprises of different sizes do safe and relevant financial services via its cashless ecosystem.

With the help of Globe Business, media and advertising agencies, as well as industry MSMEs, can easily tap into GCash’s slew of benefits and offers as a fund disbursement platform. With GCash for Business, they can manage funds with more convenience: distribute salaries to employees on time; release talent or professional fees much quicker; pay bills online; send petty cash advance and allowances in real time; and even provide incentives for employee engagement activities in an instant, among other things they can do with the platform.

Ever-evolving consumers need new responses, solutions

According to a thought sparker study by digital adtech company AdSpark, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, the pandemic has given birth to a new breed of consumers that will give rise to new products and services driven by digital:

The combo shoppers or those who use online platforms to shop but at the same time still rely on brick-and-mortar stores to get what they need; the new entrants into the kitchen and into micro-business called the rookie cooks or “sweet-preneurs;” the ultra-health conscious or those who continue to maintain their health and fitness online; and the digital fundraisers, emerging late last year to provide help amid social distancing through digital donations as back-to-back typhoons struck the country.

On this note, Bianca Cammayo, AdSpark’s marketing communication manager, reiterates, “Consumers are ever-evolving, and this brings new challenges that need new responses and solutions powered by technology.”

As a digital solutions provider, Globe Business seeks to help Filipino businesses thrive in the ever-changing economic landscape by equipping them with the right tools to accelerate their digital transformation and adapt their business operations to the new reality.

It also empowers them through Globe Business Academy and various programs with training-as-a-service (TRAAS), expert consultations, and networking events; and through Globe Business Upstart, which is a special program for loyal MSME clients that grants them exclusive access to rewards and benefits to contribute to their business resiliency and growth.

Through its innovations and services, Globe Business hopes to enable the Advertising industry to meet the demands of the evolving consumer needs and create more impact in the society. To learn more about Globe Business’ solutions for creative agencies, visit or sign-up now through this link to talk to an account manager.

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