When you look at how much time people spend online and on social media, you will understand how much potential it holds for your business. According to a 2021 report, the Philippines spends an average of 10 hours and 56 minutes on the internet daily via any device. We also spend the most time on social media, averaging four hours and 15 minutes一almost double the worldwide average.

How are you using this to your advantage? Although social media has long been used for promoting brands and expanding customer reach, it is also emerging as an independent online sales platform. Leading sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, for instance, are frequently updating and introducing their latest features to create a more business-friendly vibe.

You need a solid plan to integrate social media into your sales strategy. Start with these steps:

1. Select the right platform 

You need to go where your customers are to determine which social media platforms can give you more product visibility. Monitor these to learn where they discover and engage with your brand the most. Then select the top sites where you can sell your products or services and increase your online presence there.

You can also survey your target audience on different social media platforms and find out where most online shoppers would highly make purchases. Once you have decided where to sell, maximize the social media platform’s features to improve your online storefront.

2. Create appealing and relevant content 

A shopper experience index in 2021 revealed that nearly a third of consumers rely on social media to learn about new products. This is why it’s important to provide relevant information that will help potential customers understand your products without having to go to a separate page to find what they are looking for. Indicate and update prices. Add short and snappy product descriptions about its features and uses.

Make sure to curate your photos and make them visually appealing as well, to entice others to purchase your products even more. Give them ideas by sharing practical tips on how to use your product. This type of shareable content will likely make its way to their friends’ inboxes, too.

Build the credibility of your brand by adding a star rating widget, and allow users to provide their feedback for social proof. 

3. Take advantage of the connection you establish with customers by making specific offers

According to Hootsuite, 59% of customers expect to message businesses to make purchases.Take time responding to all customer queries as soon as you can. Likewise, humanize your replies with a pleasant tone to show your brand’s personality. This way, you can foster genuine connections with prospects.

Rather than giving a simple answer to a question, take the opportunity to recommend specific products, share a direct link to purchase, and offer a promo code as a way of securing the sale assertively.

4. Maximize the potential of multi-channel E-commerce

The rise of social media as a direct selling tool is ushering in the development of multi-channel commerce platforms. Integration with the latter makes it possible for businesses to create a central hub for its various sales channels to streamline business processes, eliminating the need to transfer from different portals every now and then.

ChatGenie is a perfect example of a multi-channel E-Commerce platform. It is an all-in-one solution that provides businesses the opportunity to create their online store through social media. ChatGenie’s numerous functions help businesses sell products, automate orders, process payments, and track deliveries to provide customers a hassle-free buying experience with just a few clicks.

5. Use analytics to measure the success of your strategy–and plan next steps 

Social media analytics tools offered by Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, and Google are crucial in determining the best platforms that followers use to engage with your brand. These confirm the effectiveness of your strategy in selling products directly from social media by calculating the number of likes, shares, and comments about your content. 

If necessary, analytics results could also suggest the need to adjust your sales approach and make your content more compelling to prospects. Take note that social media analytics can gauge customer behavior to understand the customer journey aside from measuring sales.

As more business owners realize how vital social media is to increasing sales, Globe Business sees the need to help MSMEs build their capabilities in social commerce. ChatGenie is among many digital solutions that help simplify the sales journey for both customer and seller, and give businesses the ability to make data-driven decisions. To help you set up your shop, Globe Business offers different payment options plus free onboarding sessions from our training experts.

Learn more about ChatGenie by talking to a Globe Business agent today.

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