Last January 30, 2019, Globe myBusiness launched its first Go Lokal event of the year in the City of Smiles, Bacolod. Entrepreneurs from all over the city came together to learn more about digital technology, get expert insights and tips from experienced SME owners, and avail of some of Globe’s business solutions for their businesses.

Featured at the event were motivational speaker Francis Kong, alongside other entrepreneurs and experts who shared their stories and enlightened the audience on some trends in their respective industries.

Here are some of the powerful insights and quotes we picked up from the event:

“We’ve got to create something different, something challenging, another level of entrepreneurship.”

As City Administrator Atty. John Orola said in his opening remarks, technology enables business owners to create something new in terms of entrepreneurship. Not just that, but the ever-growing digital world demands that business owners become more open to technology in their respective fields. 

“In business, you cannot fake your way to being successful.”

This need for technology is more than just a sign of the times; it’s also a sign that new challenges as well as changes are coming.

Featured motivational speaker Francis Kong started his speech with these powerful words, after discussing the use of personas in our everyday online and offline lives. True success can not be faked because, as he said, numbers don’t lie. As he further stated, true success has to satisfy two qualities: it has to be sustainable and replicable. Your success has to be accompanied by growth — otherwise, it’s just a product of luck, not actual success. He further adds that growth is spurred on by digital technology, which is why everyone has a need for it.

“When it comes to business and profession, you cannot gamble on ignorance.”

As Francis Kong also said, you need to ask questions. Don’t waste opportunities to learn more about the things you need to know. He cited the event itself as a prime example, inviting everyone in the venue to approach him, the other speakers, or the Globe team and ask them questions. He especially stressed that knowledge is very important in running a business, so it’s not something that should go to waste.

It might seem obvious to some entrepreneurs, but to many others, there’s a notion of keeping things under control at all times that just doesn’t apply. As Paco Magsaysay of Carmen’s Best said in the beginning of his talk, some unexpected things led him to where he is today.

“In business, there are a lot of things that happen that’s out of your control.”

For example, his business started when there was an excess of fresh milk in his father’s dairy farm, and his market was created when ice cream giant Haagen-Dazs was pulled out of the country. While many things in his career were out of his control, he was able to make the most out of all those opportunities and craft his business despite — or thanks to — them.

“Filipinos spend around 9 hours on digital everyday. […] If you are advertising online, you are relevant.”

If you’re planning to advertise, there’s no better place to do it than online. It doesn’t break the bank, it’s easy to change or adjust, and most importantly, it reaches your market effectively. As AdSpark’s Joey Flores said, attention is no longer on traditional media. You have to be where the attention is, be where your market is. Thanks to digital technology, you now get that chance.

Eugene Arboleda of Taxumo and Manila Workshops discussed one of the most fundamental starting points to advertising, branding and being online: having a website.

“Your website is not a silver bullet — if your business has an issue that you’re trying to address, just building a website won’t fix it. […] Done well, your website can boost your business results.”

He stressed, however, that a website is not going to solve any big problems simply by existing. Rather, it should be made to fulfill a purpose that, when done well, can create results. In the end, your website is a digital tool similar to all other business solutions that, when used properly, can bring you success.

“What’s good about the Filipino seller is it’s always about something beyond the money.”

In the end, business shouldn’t just be about making money for yourself. It should be about creating a livelihood, jobs, and a future for others. As Alvin Ching of Lazada said in his inspiring speech about online sellers, selling is never just about the money; it’s also about helping others. Most often, sellers do it to help their families and loved ones, and this goal is what spurs them to create true success.

Go Lokal Bacolod was surely a day to remember, and a great start to a year of Globe myBusiness events and workshops. As each speaker took to the stage, the audience was inspired to work harder, smarter and better in their field, and achieve success for years to come.

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