Now that the country’s been easing up on quarantine restrictions and in the process of vaccinating the population, businesses can operate in the new normal with safety protocols in mind.

It’s high time to let your business participate in helping the economy get back on its feet, too. Because yes — there can be a balance between keeping us safe and protecting our livelihoods. That’s what government campaigns like the Reform, Rebound, Recover: One Million Jobs for 2021 aim to emphasize. By practicing (and continuously reminding others to adhere to) health protocols, you, your team, and your customers can be safe as you open up to more business. 

Do you have the right strategies to keep your business moving forward in the new normal? Here are tips to consider after working on your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Diskarte Kit.


Your business’s processes, from production to distribution, should be flexible enough to consider sudden changes. Study your supply chain, the tools and equipment you use, and what you need to make sure they’re ready for the risks you’ve noted in your BCP. Are manpower and materials trained and prepared for the flexibilities you put in place? What tools or equipment should have back-ups for those situations? What processes can you reassign or remove? These are a few questions you can consider.

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Keep your team up-to-date with your industry’s latest developments, even related ones, through helpful trainings. This way, your business will always be ready to grab new opportunities to help you grow and pivot. With free courses from EdX, Coursera, Upskill, and Hubspot Academy, there’s no reason not to brush up on new learnings. 

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With this, your team can keep learning and stay productive at home, in transit, and at work.


From your BCP and Diskarte Kit, lay out the plans on how work will be moving forward. You can plan for a month or a quarter, depending on how you foresee situations pan out from developing government protocols

Pro-tip: Consider the following:

With these plans in place, you can shift your energy to taking action—no more worrying about what will happen to your livelihood. Through reviewing your current practices and sensibly strategizing and conforming with government policies, you will bounce back! And if you need a trustworthy partner to push your business through innovations and digital solutions, we’re always here to help.


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Subscribe your manpower to KonsultaMD. The 24/7 health hotline service will provide you and your team access to doctors for medical needs you may have. Here’s how.

Business disruptions, economic downturns, prolonged store closures— 2020 has been a tough one for business owners. But if you’ve made it this far, reviewed your business, and found that your numbers are enough to keep your company going, then there’s at least one thing to be thankful for this year.

This holiday season, show your appreciation to the ones who keep your business running with thoughtful, post-COVID-appropriate Christmas gifts for employees. Not only will this Christmas tradition lift your team’s spirits, it’s also an opportunity to support other local businesses that were affected by the pandemic.

Here are some practical gift ideas for your employees this 2020:

#1 Environmentally-friendly PPEs

Wearing face masks and face shields are a must these days, but there’s no doubt disposables are taking a toll on the environment. Promote sustainability with eco-friendly PPEs, like the ones from The Bamboo Company and 917’s fashionable PPEs.

Washable face masks and sustainably made face shields help reduce plastic waste. Plus, supporting locally made ones that help rural communities is a big help!

#2 Personal telehealth and contact-tracing services

The best gift this Christmas is good health. Make sure your employees always have access to licensed doctors whenever they need help by subscribing them to a telehealth service like KonsultaMD. Meanwhile, a contact tracing app like CLEAR (Citizen’s Logistics & Early Assessment Reporting) can help them track their health on a daily basis.

Pro tip: Globe myBusiness is giving ThePLAN and Broadband Internet accounts a free KonsultaMD subscription valid for 6 mos! Visit to apply for yours now. You can also enroll the rest of the team for the discounted price of only P27.50 per month, per employee.

#3 Scented candles and oils or aesthetic dinnerware

Since we’re all working from home these days, we might as well take the time to make our abode as cozy as possible. Get some scented soy candles or make dinners more appealing by investing in a fine set of dinnerware. Local businesses like Happy Island and Mesa Moderna are just some of the many creative shops you can check out.

Photo from Unsplash

#4 Postpaid phone plans

Communication is key during this era of remote work and social distancing. Make sure that your employees always have a means of communication, whether for work or personal use by providing them with postpaid phone plans. It’ll definitely be a load off their shoulders!

Pro tip: Hit two birds with one stone with Globe myBusiness ThePLAN for your employees! You get free gadgets and GCash credits when you acquire additional lines for your employees until January 31, 2021.

#5 Personalized home office decorations

Show much-needed employee appreciation with home office needs that’ll make working remotely delightful. Planners, schedule boards, customized pens and pouches, and notebooks, like the ones Decal Bar carries, are useful gifts they’ll love.

Photo from Unsplash

#6 Internet connectivity

Not every employee has the luxury of a fast or stable internet connection at home, so offering it as a part of their package would be a great gift this Christmas – not just for them, but also for their family or kids who might be attending online classes.

Pro-tip: Globe myBusiness New Unli Internet Plan 1899 offers internet speeds of up to 30Mbps, and they’re giving subscribers a rebate on their first monthly fee via GCash credits until January 31, 2021! For uninterrupted connectivity, especially for teachers and students, the LOAD Up with Prepaid Internet Kit offers a 4.5% discount on all dispensed load for educational institutions! Don’t miss these exclusive and limited offers.

#7 eGCs and food vouchers

Restaurants were badly affected by the lockdown measures, so any amount of support you can offer them is welcome! Gift your employees with electronic gift certificates from your favorite restaurants or even food delivery platforms like FoodPanda or Grab and treat your team to a nice meal.

Photo from Unsplash

#8 Remote HR services

Automating your human resource services will give your employees the gift of convenience. That means they don’t have to go to the office and risk their safety just to fulfill HR-related items. Replace those outdated checks with digitized employee payroll schemes so your people can get their money, even holiday bonuses, straight into their accounts.

Pro-tip: Explore GCash for Business for an easy way of sending your employees’ salaries, loans, and incentives instantly. It starts at P25 per month, per employee, and already includes a FREE GCash Mastercard that they can use to shop for the holidays. An HRIS is also available to digitalize your payroll processing, timekeeping, and HR management.

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