As we evolve with changing work structures and product delivery, companies are expected to continue reinforcing a hybrid working model. With companies’ productivity and the workforce’s safety in mind, Globe Business has launched digital tools and connectivity offers that will empower Filipinos to choose a safe working environment enabled by connectivity.

As a model of success, the Philippine IT – Business Process Management sector has been one of those who thrived under these challenging times. Despite the setbacks, the IT-BPM sector continues to sustain its growth and high service standards through this work-from-anywhere model. 

“In recognition of the significant economic contributions of the IT-BPM sector, Globe Business continues to provide innovative product offers that will help companies in the industry boost employee productivity and enhance business operations whenever and wherever they may be,” said Alyssa Gil, Admin & Support Industry Manager for Globe Business – MSME Group.

Globe Business’ work-from-anywhere products allow businesses to operate seamlessly, efficiently and securely through reliable connectivity and digital back-end solutions. Here are three main features of the product offers:

Connectivity Essentials for Employees

Globe Business offers connectivity products that are fast, reliable, and cost-effective to enable a seamless work-from-anywhere model. Customers may choose from myBiz Data Plan and Zoom Pro depending on their needs. To ensure a smooth transition, Globe Business also offers a free onboarding program to help the workforce navigate and familiarize the platform. 

Productivity and Security Solutions for Employees

Globe Business offers solutions that enable real-time team collaborations like Google Workspace; protect company-issued devices against malware, viruses and more through ZoneAlarm Extreme Security; and allow employees to own secured online accounts with Harmony Email & Office. Globe Business offers up to P30,000 worth of training for a sign-up of at least 30 Google Workspace licenses.

Improving Operational Efficiency and Productivity for Businesses

Other work-from-anywhere solutions to streamline and ensure seamless business operations include Cloud Payroll for worry-free payroll processing; M360 Auto SMS Blaster for sending announcements to both staff and customers, and AWS Cloud Solutions with complimentary 4 months’ worth of usage credits (subject to terms & conditions) for ensuring business continuity. 

“We see that flexible work setups will continue post-pandemic, and as a trusted partner of the IT-BPM industry, we support their drive to thrive in evolving work setups, sustain their growth, and enable their employees to work from anywhere and perform their best. This offer is valid until September 30. We encourage everyone to inquire and sign up and allow Globe Business to help you ease in this work-from-anywhere time”, concluded Gil. 

Sign up now for Globe Business’ suite of work-from-anywhere tools and solutions.

In the ever-dynamic retail landscape, building a robust network for the cutting-edge enterprise is transformational. SD-WAN serves as the conduit that can connect businesses to the resources they need to move forward in their digital transformation journey. This white paper presents a sound retail business case for SD-WAN and how Globe’s SD-WAN offering can help businesses deliver modern responsive, flexible, and agile solutions to their customers and employees.

Download the white paper below.

Today’s evolving business environment challenges companies to adapt and pivot on a dime, using technology. Any company that wants to thrive needs the agility and speed to do so, as well as the powerful connectivity and digital tools to enable the shift.   

Recently, Globe myBusiness collaborated with the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), a longtime partner and local technology industry driver, to share with the organization’s membership a broader understanding of the role technology plays in business success. 

At the PSIA’s 4th Town Hall Meeting themed “Food, Clothing, Shelter, Connectivity: The New Basic Needs,” Globe myBusiness led discussions on the importance of connectivity that would help MSMEs transform their operations into functioning digital businesses, an especially crucial transition now that COVID-19 lockdowns have shuttered some companies and severely hampered others’ ability to still operate.

“The ability to respond to change is key to success these days, and that success is made possible thru digital transformation. Now is the time to understand how technology keeps your business agile and ready for anything,” said Marvin Montes, Director-Sales Head of Globe myBusiness, in his keynote message.  

Pandemic underlines the vital role connectivity plays in businesses

During the onset of the pandemic, a majority of SMEs were forced to navigate “unfamiliar territory” as businesses shifted online. Businesses had to pivot from traditional ways of doing things, as accelerated digitalization and an increased consumer demand for online services forced them to accelerate their own digital transformation efforts.  

The increased demand from businesses for internet services and digital tools has made it abundantly clear that connectivity plays an essential role in ensuring continuous operations for almost any business today.

Future-proofing businesses using digital tools

At the event, Montes explained that aside from having good connectivity, organizations must also leverage digital tools in order to create a robust business continuity plan (BCP). A BCP will allow the business to respond to incidents immediately and mitigate any further disruptions to operations. Having a BCP also allows businesses to minimize financial loss; and to maintain critical functions and services at an acceptable level for customers and stakeholders.

“Digital tools are a powerful means to ensure the continuity of business operations. From various communication channels such as e-mail and messaging apps, video conferencing, and cloud solutions—these tools are driving more seamless collaboration between business owners, partners, and employees despite today’s current limitations,” added Montes.

Leveraging digital technology helps businesses plan for and mitigate crises and, when they do occur, help streamline operations and improve crisis response.

With its expansive ICT portfolio, Globe myBusiness has been a steady partner of IT businesses and MSMEs in their journey to digital transformation, helping them put up solid IT infrastructure that enables seamless operations and enriches customer service. 

“As a leading telco in the Philippines, Globe is actively driving digital transformation in the country, and so Globe myBusiness is the perfect partner to help MSMEs learn how to use technology to thrive in our new business environment.” confirms Jonathan De Luzuriaga, PSIA President.

Businesses looking to jumpstart their recovery can tap Globe myBusiness to help address their pain points and select the connectivity and business continuity solutions appropriate for them. To know more about the internet and data solutions offered by Globe myBusiness, visit

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