Christmas—a season for loving and giving—is a perfect time for you to express your gratitude to your customers. It’s a time to give back, and let action speak louder than words. Your business can show love and appreciation that hits closer to home.

Do something new that comes a long way in helping you build trust and loyalty. Sweet treats, special freebies, and holiday rewards—more than just little gifts, these forms of appreciation and gratitude can help your business greatly enhance customer experience.

To spread love towards your customers this Christmas, here are some ideas that you can use to create holiday rewards.

Offer Sweet Treats

To sweeten up the cheery season, your business can offer sweet treats as Christmas rewards like candies, chocolates, and pops to your customers for the purchases they make.

Likewise, you can also offer personalized tokens and limited edition merchandise like pens, mugs, planners, shirts, and stuffed toys, among others, as freebies to your loyal customers.

Organize Exciting Games

Spice things up a bit with some fun and games where your customers can play to win rewards. You can create raffles, online quizzes, and mini-games for your customers to earn points and win special prizes.

Create Social Media Promos

You can thank your followers on social media by offering them exclusive promotions that they can avail on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For example, you can allow your customers to earn special rewards by following and sharing the social media accounts of your business.

This way, not only do your customers enjoy rewards, but your business’ social media platforms also benefits from the gimmick.

Feature Your Customers

Give your customers a shout out by featuring them on your social media platforms.

What you can do is take group photos of your customers, and then share them on your Facebook page or Twitter account to thank them for choosing your business.

Through this feature, your business can make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Give Reward Points

Allow your customers to earn and accumulate points that give them access to exclusive promotions like discount coupons, free merchandise, and other incentives.

Your business can effectively do this with the RUSH Loyalty App, which allows entrepreneurs to grant customers points and rewards through mobile phones.

By creating a loyalty program through RUSH, your business can provide more value and impact to your customers, which allows you to create long-lasting relationships with customers.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. With a rewards system made for your loyal customers, your business can enjoy a successful Christmas season.

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