On August 17, 2018, Globe myBusiness, in partnership with Summit Media‘s Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), kicked off Star Bazaar 2018 — its much awaited star-studded business event for small and medium enterprise owners.

Star Bazaar is more than just a shopping and learning experience for its audience; it’s part of a bigger picture that Globe myBusiness has set its eyes upon for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the Philippines.

Globe myBusiness’ mission is to empower entrepreneurs in the SME sector by helping them acquire the knowledge and skills essential in reaching business success. Also, with its line-up of digital solutions, Globe myBusiness is helping business owners maximize the use of technology to make their operations more efficient in every way.

In an interview with Wish 107.5, Alvin Bienvenida, Globe myBusiness Segment Marketing Manager, said Star Bazaar perfectly ties in with this mission. Besides being a platform that showcases celebrity-owned businesses, Star Bazaar also served as a learning opportunity, where SMEs can learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship from experts in the industry.

“We believe in giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from each other and help them get the technology they need through events like Star Bazaar. They can learn from our celebrity guests and get inspiration from their successes,” Alvin said.

Find out more about what people have to say about Globe myBusiness on the sidelines of this year’s Star Bazaar:


Janice De Belen,  Owner of the Kitchen of Super Janice

The Kitchen of Super Janice owner Janice de Belen (right) poses with Qbags creator Candy Pangilinan (left) in her booth.

We all know Janice for her work in film and television, but what most people miss is her career as an entrepreneur. The Kitchen of Super Janice, which she owns, is among the merchants that were present during Star Bazaar.

Like a dedicated, hands-on business owner, Janice was present in her booth all throughout the day-long event. In an interview with Magic 89.9, she was glad to be part of Star Bazaar, which allowed her to showcase her business.

“It is personally rewarding to be an entrepreneur. I am a chef by trade and I attend bazaars [like Star Bazaar] to showcase what I can do. I think I am fortunate enough to sell what I enjoy making and this is a great opportunity to share it with more people,” Janice said.


Chinkee Tan, Motivational Business and Finance Speaker

Chinkee Tan (left) sits down with MOR 101.9 to talk about Star Bazaar and his latest books.

For a lot of reasons, many Filipinos struggle with their finances, but only few ask for help. Chinkee Tan, a renowned motivational speaker on business and finance, made it his life’s mission to educate Filipinos on how to properly manage their finances and save.

As one of the speakers during Star Bazaar, Chinkee delivered an inspirational talk on entrepreneurship and how it can change people’s lives. He also mentions that Globe myBusiness is doing great in encouraging more Filipinos to see the endless possibilities of success as an entrepreneur.

“The problem now is people have limited income, but unlimited expenses. In this sense, we have to be more creative in finding another source of income. Globe myBusiness is doing great in this area. They inspire people to become entrepreneurs and create their success,” Chinkee told MOR 101.9 in an interview.


Anne David, Globe myBusiness Director for Supply Chain – Segment Marketing

Anne David from Globe myBusiness (right) speaks with Magic 89.9 about empowering entrepreneurs in the supply chain industry.

A lot of businesses rely on an effective supply chain, which in itself involves different enterprises working on production and distribution of a particular commodity. Globe myBusiness is dedicated to empowering businesses that play a part in the supply chain, enabling them to improve their processes and effectively reach their objectives.

On the sidelines of Star Bazaar, Anne shared the initiatives that Globe myBusiness has pushed to better serve SMEs in the supply chain. In an interview with Magic 89.9, Anne highlighted digital solutions and technology that businesses in the industry can use.

“Globe myBusiness’ advocacy is to support businesses and take care of them through events like Star Bazaar, so they can succeed. We have product bundles that were carefully crafted to meet the needs of every enterprise,” Anne said.


Maria Ana Pascual, Mynt’s Product Head of the Merchant Solutions vertical

As part of its commitment to explore innovative avenues towards microfinance and to leverage telecommunications infrastructure and mobile money platform, Mynt also came to Star Bazaar in support of Globe myBusiness’ mission to empower SMEs.

During an interview with Magic 89.9, Ana talked about GCash and how it is helping Star Bazaar’s line of merchants improve customer experience. As a mobile money solution, GCash allows shoppers to fast track their shopping transactions by giving them the option to pay cashless.

“At Globe myBusiness Star Bazaar, GCash came on board to empower celebrity merchants. We equipped each booth with QR codes, which provided hassle-free and secure cashless transactions. This way, we eliminate the need to bring cash and wait for change, thus giving customers a more convenient shopping experience,” Ana shared.


Star Bazaar is only one of the many events that Globe myBusiness is using as a platform to reach more SMEs and educate them on the knowledge, skills, and technology that they can use to transform their businesses into big-time successes!

To find out more about Globe myBusiness’ upcoming events, simply sign up to Globe myBusiness Academy. Be the first to get exclusive invites to seminars, conferences, and workshops that can help you create your own entrepreneurial success!

Globe myBusiness, in partnership with the local government of Quezon City, opened the doors to the future as it introduced Globe myBusiness Academy to the city’s robust community of entrepreneurs last July 31, 2018.

Held at the Trinoma Activity Center, the event was packed with small and medium enterprise (SME) owners, who were ready to hear more about how technology can innovate their operations and improve the way they do business.

Derrick Heng, Senior Adviser for Globe myBusiness, said it is an honor to work with the local government in helping SMEs achieve success. He notes that through the partnership, they can reach out to more business owners and share new technology that can help them grow.

“Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners become part of the SME group, which comprises 99% of businesses in the Philippines. Today we are here to share with you the latest trends, developments, and tips on how you can be digitally enabled in a very competitive environment,” Derrick said.

Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness Derrick Heng

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte was also present during the event, describing it as an opportunity to know more about technology that will help businesses flourish. She said with Globe myBusiness’ help, entrepreneurs in Quezon City will be able to ensure that they are ready for the future.

“I believe that the future means having local businesses that are at par with enterprises in other parts of the world; meaning, they are able to market their products in the global market using technology and digital solutions,” the Vice Mayor said.

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte

“I think it is important to hold events like [Globe myBusiness Academy] because the world is moving very fast and technology is improving rapidly. Businesses have to keep up with changing times in order to become competitive. Through activities like this, we are giving opportunities for entrepreneurs to take their businesses to a higher level,” Joy added.

Meanwhile, key figures in local business were also invited to share some insights on the future of enterprises in the country. They spoke about a variety of subjects including online selling, leadership, supply chain management, starting up, and digital marketing.

Check out these future-ready tips from the country’s foremost experts in business:

1. Reach More People Online – Raymond Alimurung, CEO, Lazada Philippines

According to Raymond, doing business online enables entrepreneurs to reach more customers and target those who are more likely to buy their products. He says that with platforms like Lazada, sellers can even deliver items anywhere in the Philippines.

“If you have an offline business, you should also consider selling online. This is because doing business online is easy and fast. It is highly adaptive and is low cost. You can sign up on platforms like Lazada in just five minutes and get your business going,” he said.

2. Be Adaptive to Change – Chinkee Tan, Business Expert & Wealth Management Coach

Chinkee says businesses thrive on change, noting that it is the only way for a business to grow. He says that being adaptive to the changing needs of the market and technological developments is an ace that every business should have.

“The world is rapidly changing. Growing your business means having to adapt to change. In the 21st century, it’s simple: innovate or evaporate. If you change, you’ll be able to grab great opportunities. If you don’t, you become extinct.”

3. Use the Right Technology – Norman Adriano, Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines

Norman stressed how important it is to use technology in monitoring how a business is doing. He says that with the right technology, entrepreneurs can readily check on their processes, adjust promptly, and manage resources better.

“In supply chain management, you can manage the flow of information and ensure the visibility through technology. You have to see everything that’s happening in your business and ensure you’re getting your investments’ worth,” Norman noted.

4. Seize Opportunities – Jaime Magsaysay, Carmen’s Best

According to Jaime, Carmen’s Best first sprung when an international figure in the ice cream industry exited the market years back. When the chance presented itself, they did not hesitate to learn more about the ice cream business and seize the opportunity to build Carmen’s Best to what it is today.

“In the middle of 2012, Häagen-Dazs closed up in the Philippines. My father saw this as an opportunity to take its place as the premium ice cream in the Philippines. With the right education and research, Carmen’s Best rose to the top,” Jaime said.

5. Make It About The Customer – Homer Nievera, Publisher and Chief Strategist, Mediablast

During his talk, Homer emphasized the importance of establishing a great relationship with customers through technology. He says businesses that focus on providing great customer experience are guaranteed to improve their bottom line figures.

“Technology is there to make things easier not only for you but also for the customer. Remember that being customer-centric is essential. If you put your customer first and make sure they get the best experience, money [will] never be a problem,” he says.

If you missed Globe myBusiness Academy – Quezon City, no worries because we’ve got more in store for you! Be the first to know about seminars, conferences, and workshops organized by Globe myBusiness by simply signing up to Globe myBusiness Academy for free!

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