Most people think that subscribing to two mobile phone lines (or more) under different networks is a smart—not to mention a cost-efficient way—of managing communication costs. But isn’t it more tedious and time-consuming to keep track of several monthly plans or prepaid load expiry dates? Add to that the inconvenience of having to carry two mobile phones at all times. Especially if you’re running a business, it’s easier to subscribe to just one mobile plan that has all the features you need.

Not yet convinced? Consider these scenarios that prove it’s absolutely unnecessary to carry two mobile phones. The simple truth? Your business can run on just a single mobile plan with unlimited calls and texts to all networks.

The scenario: A customer would like to reach you to place an urgent order

The power of one mobile plan: The next time customers would like to place an order or contact you for inquiries, they don’t need to look through a slew of numbers and take time to decide which one to dial. Also, because you’re only keeping track of messages and calls on a single device, you can answer calls and queries more promptly than if you had two mobile phones and different mobile plans.

The scenario: You have an important call to make, but no time to check whether the number belongs to the same network

The power of one mobile plan: With a mobile plan that includes unlimited calls and texts to all networks, you don’t have to spend those extra few seconds to decide which of the two mobile phones you carry you should use. Think of the sales you could lose, or that important but impatient client who has been waiting for your call!

Another perk of having just one mobile phone: Your contacts are all saved in just one device, so you can quickly search for their numbers in one directory.

The scenario: You’re trying to manage your business communication expenses

The power of one mobile plan: You can conduct business over the phone as long as you need to—without worrying about the cost of making long calls to close important deals. Having two mobile phones simply doesn’t make sense if you are already subscribed to a mobile plan that includes unlimited calls and texts to all networks.

The scenario: You’re on your way to a meeting, and you need to do some last-minute research online using your phone

The power of one mobile plan: Someone like you who’s always in a rush to the next meeting will benefit greatly from a mobile plan that comes with data allocation on top of unlimited calls and texts. You never have to worry about per-minute charges when accessing your email or browser because you always have enough data to complete your work anytime, wherever you are.

The scenario:You need to urgently reach someone via a landline number, but the call could take a while

The power of one mobile plan: A mobile service provider that gives you a DUO line—a mobile and landline number—allows you the option to use whatever is more convenient and cost-efficient. Imagine not having to be concerned about mobile phone-to-landline charges, and being able to focus better on conducting business over those all-important phone calls.

See? You don’t have to carry two mobile phones in order to run your business more smoothly and give better service to your customers. Subscribe to Globe myBusiness ThePLAN. Choose from ThePLAN 1499 and ThePLAN 1799 to enjoy unlimited calls and texts to all networks, plus added perks including data allocation, free DUO landline, not to mention a free mobile device.

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