Investing in digital solutions may seem like a daunting step due to the perceived complexity and steep costs of integrating it into business operations. However, Globe Business, in partnership with the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), assures micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that there are affordable solutions that can boost and protect their business especially during challenging times. 

Along with other expert panelists from the ICT industry, Globe Business participated at the recently held PSIA Fireside Chat on “Digital Transformation for SMEs” to provide an in-depth look at how digital solutions play a role in addressing operational, marketing, and security challenges brought about by the pandemic and in creating business growth and efficient systems for MSMEs in the Philippines. 

“We are committed to help MSMEs realize the value of investing in new technology or digital tools: how it allows them to reach new customers, increase engagement with existing clients, and facilitate collaboration among their staff and employees while streamlining operations, leading to overall business growth and optimistic performance,” said Anne David, Marketing Acquisition Head, Globe Business MSME Group.

Key tech trends that are driving business growth and resiliency today

During the virtual learning session, the different ICT experts identified some of the key challenges MSMEs face today such as declining customer engagement, limited financial service accessibility, outdated operational processes, and cybersecurity threats, to name a few—which continue to hamper their growth and success. However, they were quick to point out that these issues can now easily be addressed with the rise of digital technology shaping the world today. 

1. Digitizing operations to improve customer engagement 

According to Jowie Alcala, Business Development Manager for Rhipe PH, one of the leading cloud solutions distributors locally, “digital automation is imperative for businesses to grow because this allows us to allocate the time that was used for answering customer inquiries to strategizing and developing plans for the business.” 

Caloy Ang from Suds Premier Franchising Corp. echoed, “businesses that survived [the pandemic] were the ones who were able to provide excellent customer experiences through digital channels. It is important that we are able to quickly respond to customers’ inquiries especially when they need us most.” 

Globe Business, through its affiliate Globe Labs, offers various API solutions to facilitate faster communication and increase engagement between businesses and customers. Some of the solutions include the SMS API, Voice API, and Sponsored Access API.

2. Encouraging cashless transactions for safer and convenient money disbursement

MSMEs were faced with the challenge of working around social distancing measures enacted by the government. To cope with the ever-changing mandates, businesses turned to online digital payment to sustain operational efficiency.

Through GCash’s Powerpay Plus Platform, companies can transition from tedious manual payroll systems to enjoying a fast, secure, and easily accessible digital payroll solution for salaries, allowances, incentives, and more. On top of that, customers can also conveniently transact with MSMEs through GCash

In fact, one of the panelists pointed out that their most utilized mode of payment is GCash because of its convenience. Their customers pay them through the app and they transfer the money into their bank account, giving them the flexibility to access their money anytime and anywhere. 

3. Fostering a collaborative remote work setting through the Cloud and digital tools

As remote work continues to be the norm, it is imperative for organizations to foster an environment where employees can continue to collaborate and see-through projects together even while apart. This is made easier and more efficient with Globe Cloud Solutions, allowing enterprises to quickly adapt to shifting workflows because processes remain the same, files and services continue to be accessible, and resources are intact despite weather or mechanical interruptions. 

MSMEs can also utilize cloud-based productivity solutions, some of which you may check out here. These applications store information and run servers on the cloud so users can access them anytime without installing them in their machines

4. Safeguarding the company from cyber threats 

Now that everything’s becoming more digital, it is more important now than ever for companies to stay vigilant and proactively protect their business and customer data from any vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks can easily be triggered these days by innocently clicking on spam emails from unsecure or public networks, compromising confidential data and important company information in a snap.

Partnered with the best global cybersecurity providers, Globe Business offers a holistic suite of cybersecurity solutions and services that help enterprises identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats to avoid severe damages to the income and reputation of the business.

“Technology should be an organization’s best friend especially during this point in time. By investing in digital solutions, businesses can reach more customers while saving on cost and keep the operations running regardless of what will happen,” said David.

To learn more about the exciting products and services Globe Business offers, sign up at

At Globe Business, your undying efforts don’t go unrecognized.

In anticipation of International MSME Day, let us pay tribute to you through this video. Saludo kami sa inyo! Together, tuloy tayo in building your negosyo better and owning your success. #SaludoSMEs #SupportLocalSMEs #TuloyTayoSMEs


Tuloy | #AtinAngMundo

Through the changing times, #TuloyTayoSMEs! To celebrate the International MSME Day on June 27, let us pay tribute to you through this video. We salute you for staying ahead against every challenge. Let us help build your negosyo better and own your success. #SaludoSMEs #SupportLocalSMEs

Posted by Globe Business formerly Globe myBusiness on Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Own Your Success with These Tuloy Tayo Tips

TIP #1 Tuloy Tayong Matuto

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TIP #2 Tuloy Tayong Maglikha

In these challenging times, creativity is vital to cater to your customers’ changing needs, pivot, and help open doors to new opportunities. Take this time to explore as we say with you: Tuloy Tayong Maglikha!

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TIP #3 Tuloy Tayong Magsikap

Take new challenges as opportunities to improve and improvise. In our previous tips, you reflected (natuto) and generated ideas (lumikha). Now, it’s time to keep learning and enhancing what works best for your business. We’re here to help as we say with you: Tuloy Tayong Magsikap!

Own Your Business’s Success Through Continuous Learning & Hard Work

Overcome whatever life throws at you through ceaseless hard work and improvement. Stay resilient by understanding what areas in your business you can upgrade or improvise. Here’s a guide to steer you in the right direction so you can assess your company’s three Ps (Process, People, and Place) as you bring your business to new heights.


Empower Your Business to Keep Growing

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In case you missed it, you may watch the recap here:


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Find out from industry experts in how to care of your mind and heart during enhanced community quarantine.

If you missed the session, watch the full recap here.

Featured Speakers:


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In the traditional Chinese calendar, the seventh lunar month is called Ghost Month, that time of the year when the gates of hell supposedly open up, allowing ghosts and spirits to wreak havoc here on earth. This 2021, Ghost Month falls on August 8 to September 6, with the Chung Yuan or Hungry Ghost Festival on August 22.

Starting a new business, signing contracts, and doing renovations are some Ghost Month business activities that entrepreneurs are advised to steer clear of.

Fortunately, there are some Ghost Month feng shui moves to protect your business. Feng shui for business goes beyond the placement of items or the following of traditions to counteract the bad vibes brought about by Ghost Month; it also involves a shift in the mindset of the business owner.

Here are some Ghost Month tips to help business owners avoid bad luck and usher in positive vibes.

1. The lucky mindset

Susan Chan of Feng Shui Creative in New York says there are certain practices which could bring in some prosperity “chi” (energy) into your life right away. For starters, you could activate an affirmation or mantra to attract abundance. You could opt for something like “Abundance comes to me easily” or “I am full of abundance and prosperity.” Write it down, and recite every day before going to your office.

Keeping yourself positive will also serve to neutralize the bad vibes of Ghost Month. In her blog, Chan says, “If you are seeking prosperity and a feeling of abundance, you need to surround yourself with things that make you feel good. This could be good friends who support you, projects that excite you, or music that automatically lifts your spirit.” By maximizing your vibration and energy, you are essentially telling the universe to “keep sending more juicy goodness your way.”

2. The power office

The advent of Ghost Month is a good time to revisit the feng shui of your office. The placement of the various elements of your office can make a significant difference in the energy of any space.

Make sure your desk is in a command position. Chan says you have to be able to see who is coming through the door while you’re at your desk. If this is not possible, then strategically hang a mirror so you see who’s coming.

At the same time, check the flow of energy in your office. Tidy up. Take out unnecessary books and documents. There should be ample space between your desk and the wall so that energy can flow freely.

Of course, energy will flow freely with improved indoor air quality. The feng shui solution to this is a simple one: Use indoor plants! Some plants that you might want to consider include the Areca palm, which is popular and easy to care for; bamboo palm, which brings a tropical vibe to any room; and English Ivy, which is easy to grow.

3. The good energy desk

You spend many hours at your desk, especially this coming Ghost Month when the best of plans can go awry, so you better make sure that there’s a lot of good energy going around.

A desk made of wood is actually the best feng shui choice as it brings natural and nourishing energy. The traditional rectangular desk is still your best option as it grounds your energy, laying the foundation for growth and expansion. If you have a a round- or square-shaped desk, better think of replacing those before Ghost Month. A square desk denotes stagnation while a round one connotes constant movement.

4. Symbols of success

Further attract success and abundance by bringing in powerful feng shui symbols into your office. Bringing in the energy of success and speed as well as freedom and fame is the horse. A galloping horse can steer you towards the path to success. A red horse will help promote the success of your business. A white horse in motion denotes the steady inflow of money. The best spot for your horse symbol is the south area of your office.

Another feng shui symbol which could prove auspicious for your office is the dragon. Whether your feng shui dragon is a print or a painting, a carving or a carpet, the dragon symbolizes abundant life, strength, fertility, and prosperity.

The best spot for your dragon is the wall behind your desk or desk chair — the better to support you as you go about working through Ghost Month.

Remember that despite the guidance you’ve read here, nothing beats hard work and perseverance. Being prepared for challenges is still your best bet to weather any storm. For your business, our free Diskarte Kit is one way to prepare. You can download this easy-to-use business and marketing planner here.

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Filipino artists have played a big role in the global animation industry for decades, turning imagination into reality in some of the world’s most prominent computer-animated films and games.

Little do most people know, Pinoy animators were among the artists behind popular animated films like Inside Out, Monsters University, Wall-E, Zootopia, and Big Hero 6. Filipino artists were even able to provide graphics for global video game firms like Sega and Nintendo.

The animation business has existed in the Philippines for decades. Notwithstanding the growth of technology today, the industry is thriving more than ever before.

The need to embrace digital transformation is now evident as technology has revolutionized how entertainment is consumed.

Local schools such as the Cordillera School of Digital Arts (CSDA) in Baguio City aim to produce graduates who can use their talents in digital arts to serve the Filipino public.

CSDA offers training programs in digital animation, creative web design, and game development, among others. With a digitized training school and studio, CSDA is able to expose its students to the digital animation industry.

“Growing this talent is really a great fruit from our whole program as a school,” said Raul Boncan Jr., Founder and President of CSDA. “The training school is our manner of bringing in talent into the picture so they can have a career. The studio is the output where the students can now move into the pipeline for work.”

Running a training school and a studio in the animation industry is a profitable venture, Raul said, emphasizing the vast career options and various business opportunities available for animation graduates.

“Animation is not a very easy business. It’s a high barrier-to-entry business, (but) it’s now a very lucrative career for people, and also a lucrative business for individuals or entrepreneurs who wish to venture into animation as a studio or even as a school,” he said.

Success does not come easy in starting a business in animation, but Raul shared some essential tips on how to succeed in the local animation industry.

1. Reach Higher Standards

For Raul, succeeding in the animation industry is all about competency. Making the most out of animation school can greatly help animators, he said, noting the importance of practical activities while in school.

“I think it’s really about the competency, [namely] spending a lot of time doing the work that is required, hitting that level of requirement, and [understanding] the demands of the client [from this industry],” he said.

2. Challenge Yourself

Enthusiasm is essential in learning animation. To be well-trained in using digital tools to create animation, the learner must take the initiative to learn and practice the art.

“I think you just have to keep on going and pushing yourself. Just challenge yourself to learn more,” he said.

3. Learn from Everybody

It is also important for young animators to learn from and collaborate with their peers, Raul said. He highlights the country’s alliance of animation institutions—the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI)—which banded together to ensure the growth of the industry.

“ACPI is our key representative who sees that our interests are met within the industry, so that as the industry grows we can bring in more graduates into the pipeline for work,” he said.

“In a small way, we do a lot of collaboration amongst ourselves; like in the past, an animation studio [would] send outsourced work to us in Baguio… so that our new graduates could work already,” he noted. “Everybody needs to collaborate; everybody needs to learn from everybody; everybody needs to share.”

4. Communicate and Collaborate

Communication and collaboration—this is how the rapid advancement of technology helped animators across the world create stunning design.

It is not just the tools and software, but also the connection that has helped animators share creative ideas, collaborate with each other, and produce good animation.

Starting a business in animation can be worthwhile, but running and managing the operations makes it challenging.

But, with technology helping the animation industry, Raul sees limitless possibilities. “As an artist, I think there is no limit. I think you just have to keep on going and pushing yourself, and just challenge yourself to learn more,” he added.

In addition, cutting-edge digital solutions made for animation allows your business to create worry-free operations that can help you stay ahead of the game.

To learn more about starting a business in animation, sign up to Globe myBusiness Academy today for free!

New year, new opportunities! This Year of the Dog, Mr. Andy Tan shares how entrepreneurs can maximize their potential through the art of Feng Shui. From the best business practices to the most profitable ventures of the year, Andy shares all he knows to help empower entrepreneurs this Chinese New Year.

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