It’s the new year! As we continue with the new normal, we know how hard you and the team have been preparing to make this year one of growth for the business. We’re sure you already have your Business Continuity Plan in place and have looked into resources such as the Diskarte Kit for a solid foundation.

As always, we’re here to help you take your business one step further. We’ve distilled for you the Philippines’ latest business trends and concrete steps you can mobilize your team to help you win this 2021.

Trend: Work from home and rotational workforce arrangements continue

Even with several vaccines appearing and the vaccination process beginning, scheduling, procurement, and distribution are still in the works. Make sure that your workforce plans until at least the first half of the year are in place and ready to be implemented.

Business Resolution Tip:

Keep employees connected and productive while keeping your valuable business data secure when you get them a Globe MyBusiness ThePLAN. Aside from free gadgets, GCash credits, and mobile data for remote and in-transit work, you can invest in Mobile Device Management systems like Samsung Knox for easy monitoring and security.

Trend: Automation and going digital are the new norms

Automating processes is the key to opening doors that may be kept closed due to the pandemic protocols’ uncertainty. As mentioned in this article, you have to keep your business flexible. This includes minimal human intervention for some parts of your supply chain, so the business runs smoothly. Online forms, digital processing, and APIs are a few examples. With the onset of technological innovations, you have your pick of which ones can easily be integrated into your company systems and be used by your teams. And the best benefit? More savings in the long run from labor and minimized business disruption.

Business Resolution Tip:

Automated processes will need reliable and strong internet connectivity with trusted business support. Your first step should be looking into upgrading your network infrastructure. Beyond broadband, explore the benefits of having a Direct Internet connection for uninterrupted operations with up to 99% reliability. Already have a leased line? Maybe it’s time to get a backup for your growing operations!

Trend: Growing small and hyper-locally is on the rise

Consumers have discovered new and local brands that can cater to their needs since the government imposed lockdowns. We’ve learned to seek goods and services within our communities and have become comfortable interacting with small businesses near us. According to this McKinsey study, due to the unstable availability of some products and services, brand loyalty has gone to an all-time low. With about 80% of consumers now willing to try and switch to alternate brands, it’s an opportunity to capture the market in your immediate areas. Keep in mind that consumers still encounter financial difficulties and respond better to smaller serving sizes and value pack versions of your goods.

Business Resolution Tip:

Firmly establish your business’ position in your area and immediate market by launching a loyalty program for frequent customers. Use high-impact SMS marketing highlighting special promos using M360.

Trend: Stakeholders are looking for security

By now, you know that consumers, and even employees, look for brands that recognize, relate to, and understand what they need. Beyond proper engagement and sensitive messaging, you can set your business apart from your competitors by making sure that whatever information customers provide is safely stored and ethically processed.

Business Resolution Tip:

Make sure that customer and business data are secure with robust cybersecurity that suits your company.

Trend: Data is gold

Companies consider data as one of their most significant assets today. By knowing trends, profits, losses, performances, and consumer behavior through reviewing your data and the available information around you, you can set benchmarks and navigate your business to better heights. That’s why securing your data from hackers, disruptions, and corruption is vital in this era, especially with the shift to remote working.

Business Resolution Tip:

Look into cloud storage such as Google Workspace. It offers data security with enhanced Google applications. Your business can have continuous data collection and analysis to know what you, your employees, and your customers need without the fear of losing them.

Globe myBusiness is here to stand by you and guide you with the latest innovations and developments in Philippine industries. We can help you plot out your tech and business roadmap for 2021 and beyond. Sign up for a digital consultation with us now.

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