There’s lots of good news ahead: with forthcoming  COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and increasingly efficacious cautionary measures against the virus in place, the tourism industry is steadily heading towards recovery.

We previously discussed how technology from Globe MyBusiness can help tourism-oriented businesses stay competitive in these stressful times: M360, Rush, Konsulta MD, and the SGS Hygiene Monitored Program can help safely optimize customer experiences, and put hospitality and restaurant businesses in a better position to bounce back.

To help their businesses bounce back better, business owners and managers are constantly looking for ways to better meet their customers’ needs. This includes keeping their establishments’ cleanliness and hygiene standards up to par, especially when it comes to food handling. 

With so many other issues clamoring for their attention, restaurant managers and hoteliers may unwittingly fall short of addressing this issue, increasing the risk of reputational harm or worse.

To help small and medium businesses achieve their recovery goals, Globe myBusiness has joined forces with SGS to more widely deploy their Hygiene Monitored Program (HMP). As the MSMEs’ trusted and reliable partner, Globe myBusiness collaborates with SGS to make services like HMP more accessible to hotels and restaurants.

Managers can outsource hygiene management to established experts like SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS can help implement world-class hygiene standards, while relieving business owners of the requirement for an in-house function.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HMP includes a new feature dedicated to maintaining compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 guidelines, allowing businesses to resume their operations with confidence, among other things:

Ease worries about food safety. Consumer demand for safe food has always been a concern for hospitality businesses, but coupled with COVID-19, reported food safety scares and incidents are at an all-time high. Implementing HMP adds a reliable layer of safety checks for food safety measures.

Monitor and regulate existing conditions on a regular basis. By relying on an independent third-party international inspection company, you can monitor and regulate conditions existing in your facilities on a regular and ongoing basis. Once you’ve passed muster, the Program provides a certificate and SGS Mark that you can display at the point of inspection.

Use it as a marketing and internal benchmarking tool. The HMP certification program demonstrates your commitment to world-class hygiene standards, and provides an objective standard for internal benchmarking and auditing.

Having your facilities SGS-inspected, and publicly displaying the SGS logo and mark afterward, will give you a competitive edge: these tokens of confidence can give your customers a high level of assurance that you have gone the extra mile to assure safety on your premises.

Because Globe myBusiness deeply understands the struggles you face during the pandemic, we aim to offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our partnership with SGS includes up to P23,000 in discounts on SGS Hygiene Monitored Program services, which you’ll enjoy by availing of any product or by upgrading any existing plans you have with us. Eligible businesses can avail of the service for as low as P6,999.00 (VAT Ex.) per quarter, to ensure that they operate and recover safely.

Want to know more or avail right away? Simply sign up now and talk to a Globe myBusiness representative.

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