The ber months are known as the season for splurging. Don’t we just love spending on festive decors, treats, and for some reason, whatever our favorite sellers hype up with promotions?

Many retailers use this time for pre-holiday deals and flash sales to attract new and old customers. It’s a sure win for your personal shopping, but there’s a lot in store for your business too.

Find the best business purchases before Christmas starting this month! Save up on items your small to medium business needs and use this time for your year-end investment planning.

October: Buy Appliances Your Business Needs

Many appliances from older seasons go on sale in October as new models enter the market. Are you in the business of food? Hospitality? Housekeeping? If you rely on appliances, start checking suppliers right now.

This will be a good time to check your operations and plan for your business’s expansion. The ber months is a great time to woo new customers as they’re more open to try new things. There may be an untapped market waiting to be explored. The holidays is a chance to meet the high volume demands, too. What better way to support your vision of expansion than by upgrading and adding to your equipment?

November: Make Your Business More Tech Savvy With Electronics

A communications budget is a staple in any type of business. Not having the right gadgets for the job can hurt your work efforts.

Adapting from USA’s very popular Black Friday Sale, more and more local retailers are using this time to host their own special electronics deals. Shopping centers even dedicate weekends in the guise of a Thanksgiving Sale following the American tradition.

Many big electronics brands release new models during this time, while offering their older models for less. If you’re looking to upgrade or issue new gadgets to your employees, November is a great month to hunt for deals. Did you know you can buy wholesale devices through Globe myBusiness? These can double up as Christmas bonus gifts too. (And here’s another savings tip: make sure you assign fixed load to your employees so you can stay within your comms budget.)

Aside from the usual mobile phones and laptops, make sure to look out for smart gadgets on sale. Examples are better navigation for your deliveries, faster POS system, or even CCTVs for added security.

December: Book Services Ahead of Time. Invest in Vehicles And Real Estate.

If you’ve got a special event (like a product launch) coming up next year, booking your venue, food, and favors ahead of time is a guaranteed smart move. You double that advantage when it’s December. This is because some service suppliers (like those also in the wedding industry) offer their once-a-year holiday discounts when you book at this time. But of course, this is always announced as a surprise, typically before New Year’s, so you’ll have to turn your alerts on!

You may even benefit if you are a services-based business, and need to book partners to serve your clients. Otherwise, you can join the bandwagon and book new job orders for the following year. Offer your own year-end discounts or limited edition items. Network and negotiate, and reap the rewards of new business channels.

Also, December is a good time to invest in vehicles and real estate. Salesmen are chasing quotas. Car brands will be dropping new models soon. Developers offer discounts to visiting investors and balikbayans. You can plan to expand your production needs through adding to your vehicle fleet or increasing your service floor area.

It’s a good year-end investment, putting you a step ahead in your 2020 business planning.

Now that you know of these possible investments and can match them with your goals, how will you stay in the loop for the best business-to-business deals?

Maintain a close relationship with your suppliers

They’ll be the ones informing you directly of the latest deals and offerings. Make sure to stay firm but friendly with these guys, even if you’ve only bought from them once or twice!

Attend fairs and exhibits related to your industry

Dedicate half a day in an organized exhibit. Observe and you’ll see what’s in and what will be the next big thing in your industry. It’s also an easy way to find out the going rate for supplies you are less familiar with. You can also canvass for new suppliers with cost-effective deals.

Follow your would-be suppliers on social media or sign up for e-mail newsletters

Like yourself, they are also investing a lot of time and finances in marketing their products and services online. With a simple click of the ‘follow’ button, you’re all set to find out what’s up.

No matter the size and nature of your business, there are holiday season deals out there for you and your business. Just make sure to keep your eyes open – or in the age of the internet and social media – keep your notifications on!

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