As a negosyante, it’s essential for you to create a stronger influence and credibility for your business. In this digital age, technology has given customers the power to search and choose from countless brands of products and services.

In fact, about 8 out of 10 customers search a brand’s website first before making a decision whether or not to buy products or visit their store. This is because customers want to feel confident and assured about the purchase they are going to make.

So why create a website? A website offers entrepreneurs great opportunities to grow and expand. It allows businesses to create a credible online presence, which customers are able to access anytime and anywhere. The best websites are responsive — meaning it responds to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. 

To embark on your first step in creating a website, you first need to know your objective. Which of these objectives resound well with your business?

Build Credibility.

Take the opportunity to consistently publish blog posts on your website that are designed to entice customers and show why they should trust you.

Through a website, you are able to communicate and educate with your customers through informative posts. You can do this by publishing multimedia content such as articles, photos, videos, and infographics to promote your products and services, and at the same time, boost your credibility as a business.

With strong credibility, your business can surely influence your customers’ buying decisions and, in turn, turn them into patrons of your products or services.

Reach More Customers.

Building a website allows your business to expand markets. You can do this by increasing the visibility of your website on popular search engines. With this, your business will be able to reach new customers online.

In addition, you can add more traffic to your website by advertising it on social media. Platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow businesses to target customers based on specific demographics.

Interact with Customers.

Your website is a gateway for customers to interact with your business. By creating a website, you are able to provide smooth customer service. It can also help you create meaningful relationships with your customers.

You can feature essential information such as your business address, social media pages, chat profiles, email accounts, and feedback section. This allows your customers to engage with your business anytime and anywhere.

Sell Online.

With the power of technology, customers can make online transactions with your business from the comfort of their homes.

A website does not only let you promote your products like clothing, gadgets or even food online; it also allows you to set up an online shop where you can sell these products.

Through the online shop, customers can make a transaction and pay through bank transfers or virtual cash like GCash. Then, the business will make the delivery to the customer’s home at a scheduled date. Payment for these products can also be made with cash on delivery, credit card, or other payment services like Paypal or Dragonpay.

On the other hand, if you have a service-oriented enterprise, your customers can make appointments and other schedules with your business through your website.

Offer Special Services.

Creating websites is not just for physical stores. The Internet presents countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money online. With technology, you can provide purely-online services as a business.

Some examples of online businesses include online learning tutorials, blogging services, technical support, virtual assistance, web design, and financial services, among others. If these services are ones you offer, your own website is the best place to host them.


Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of a website for small business owners, you need the right website builder to maximize the use of all these. To build your own website, you can sign up to Globe myWebsite today!

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