Digital transformation is crucial in driving enhanced customer experience, helping brands rise to the top in this increasingly competitive landscape. 

In the third installment of its masterclass series developed to help small businesses succeed, Globe Business Academy focused on Application Programming Interface (API), a software interface that allows communication between two applications, in order to create connected customer experiences. Did you know that an API enables companies to send branded messages to large groups of recipients?  It can also create and administer rewards programs for customers, and provide accessible payment options, among others.

Sharing their expertise and experience at the masterclass were professionals from the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), the InfoComm Technology Association of the Philippines (ITAP), and Globe Labs, the innovative developer arm of Globe.

“The fast beating the slow”: staying ahead of the game through agile technology

To put things in perspective, ITAP President Carlo Subido highlighted how the continuing disruption of the digital economy has spawned the emergence of new technologies and shifted the battle from size to speed, making it crucial for businesses to swiftly go digital and embrace new tools to help them stay ahead of the curve.

“In order to accelerate your digital future, we need to start by innovating with application transformation and it’s no longer the big beating the small but the fast beating the slow,” said Subido.

He explained that the first step towards digital transformation is switching the business to the cloud and using APIs in order to streamline IT operations. The more modern infrastructure will help businesses deliver better and more delightful customer experiences where they are served faster and more efficiently.

Creating high-quality software to embrace growing digital demands

PSIA President Jonathan de Luzuriaga also underscored the need to create fast and high-quality software for use by the growing number of internet users globally, citing that over 316 million more people joined the online community from January 2020 to January this year.

A big percentage of internet users are spending more time on mobile applications—from streaming videos and music, communicating through messaging services, playing video games, and creating and uploading videos.

To be able to reach this growing online community faster, Luzuriaga said that businesses need to utilize APIs to create the right applications.   

“One of the reasons why we have a strong partnership with Globe and some of their subsidiaries is because they offer APIs that make our lives in the software development sector so much easier,” said de Luzuriaga, who is also the CEO of local software company Spring Valley Tech Corporation, which is poised to become the Philippines’ Silicon Valley.

“Utilizing APIs for software development creates the space for businesses to focus on what really matters the most: interacting and listening to customers, and making changes that would make customers happy,” he emphasized.

Creating better customer experiences with Globe Labs APIs 

Giving a run-through of Globe Labs’ suite of APIs, Chris Cheng, Vice President for Products and Technology of Globe’s Digital Solutions Group, described how each of the solutions can help increase customer reach, improve customer engagement and streamline business operations using real-world examples.

Globe Labs solutions include SMS API, Load API, Charging API, Sponsored Access and Voice API—all of which are also being utilized by Globe for its own operations and services, including its public hotspot service GoWiFi, its movie ticketing app GMovies, and IVES, its automated voice calling platform.

“The Globe Labs APIs enable our customers to develop creative solutions to drive business growth. We encourage businesses to get started with APIs by registering for a developer account at,” said Cheng.

The Globe Business Academy Masterclass aims to increase the know-how and competencies of IT influencers and business owners who have basic experience with ICT solutions. Other masterclasses lined up in the coming months until September include Data Privacy and Security, Cloud Security, and Marketing and CRM. 

To learn more about Globe Business’ API, connectivity, and suite of digital solutions, sign-up for a free digital consultation with an Account Manager here:

With the new normal making digital channels the main marketplaces, business landscapes are increasingly becoming competitive. Key decision-makers are challenged to equip themselves, and their IT infrastructure, with new tools that are both innovative and intuitive toward customers’ needs.

Automated Programming Interface (API) addresses some of the main challenges that hamper business growth, such as keeping up with your customers and reaching them at the right time. API is a channel through which several apps can communicate with each other on one network.

These APIs allow app creators to shorten development time and create multiple customer touchpoints. Want to reach your customers in real-time and create more meaningful relationships? Here are the main hurdles that APIs get past to help you achieve just that.

Sending the right message at the right time.

Confirmation messages such as security verification, billing statements, purchase updates, and airline and hotel bookings are crucial in giving your customers a feeling of assurance. Aside from building more credibility for your brand, sending carefully planned messages at the right time lets you add a more personal touch with reminders and customer feedback.

Manual and tedious blasting of SMS.

Doing all the things mentioned above is a pain if you or someone in your team has to do it manually. With APIs, business owners can customize messages based on the transaction and send mass texts to customers through the app.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, you’re probably wondering how you can get started with this service, and how API integration works. This video explains both:

To break it down further, here are the simple steps on how to get started:

1. Talk to our account managers.

How can we help? Speak to our account managers who will help you get started with all you need by assessing your needs and the corresponding requirements. You will have the convenience of talking to one single person for all your technology needs.

2. Sit back and let us guide you through the process.

Our assistance doesn’t end at the first step – don’t worry, we will handhold you all throughout the process for seamless integration, and even refer to you accredited System Integrators (SIs) for any assistance you need on the actual set-up.

3. Start crafting your personalized messages.

Don’t know how to get started with all the exciting ideas running through your mind? Here are some sample messages to help you.

And know that whatever industry you are in, you’re bound to reap the benefits of API.

Schools can inform students and parents on enrollments, grades, and cancellations. Top students and faculty members can also receive automated rewards!

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Financial institutions will make sending and receiving money effortless yet secure, with system features that reduce capital investment and speed up the launch of new services.

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Cooperatives will help members and employees update their accounts through SMS, Voice, Sponsored Access, and Rewards solutions that only require minimal capital investment.

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BPOs can promote their digital solutions through SMS, Charging, and Voice APIs that power communication, provide alternative payment methods, and streamline processes for inquiries and feedback.

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