For professionals in the hospitality and restaurant industries, the pandemic has placed considerable hurdles in the way of keeping business going. COVID-19 safety measures such as physical distancing and travel restrictions have hindered businesses like hotels, resorts, and restaurants from reaching their customers and meeting their needs face-to-face.

Luckily, advancements in technology have helped bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. With everything migrating to digital spaces, hospitality businesses should follow suit in order to recover from any losses, and to find innovative new ways to connect to their clientele.

In our previous article, we discussed the areas of concern that hospitality businesses and restaurants should prioritize in the wake of the “new normal”, and how Globe myBusiness-powered technology might step in to help hotel and restaurant owners. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at specific products from Globe myBusiness, their features, and find out how they can help hospitality and restaurant businesses recover.

Connect through custom and automated SMS with M360.

Stay on-brand, even over SMS; M360 helps you better engage your customers by letting you send branded and bulk promo messages with ease, and customize your sender ID so they know it’s a legitimate message from you (and not an annoying scam).

You can use M360 to send automated transaction confirmations, important COVID-19 advisories, special promos, product reminders, and even feedback requests. You can do all this without having to turn your data on – all you need is your Globe number, then you’re ready to create a branded sender name and customized subscriber lists which you can send SMS messages to in real time.

Strengthen customer loyalty with Rush.

These days, your customers have less chances of trying your product or service… so give them a reason to make the effort, and keep coming back! Create a loyalty program powered by Rush: it’s easy to customize and set up quickly, allowing you to design your own rewards system (including a custom-branded loyalty website and app).

Rush also shows you real-time customer data, so you can gain a deeper insight on how to improve not only your rewards system but also your current products and offers. You also get to save on costs with built-in options for SMS and EDM blasts through Rush Loyalty.

Keep your team secure with Konsulta MD.

With all hospitals on heightened alert for contagion, your staff deserves a tangible assurance of care. KonsultaMD offers affordable 24/7 access to health assistance for as low as P1 per day, and consultations with licensed doctors that you can call anytime with no appointments necessary. You also get unlimited teleconsultations by using your Globe/TM number.

Providing this for your employees will help keep them feeling secure, consequently increasing their overall productivity at work, while helping protect your customers too.

Meet the highest safety standards with the SGS Hygiene Monitored Program.

Add a layer of quality checks to your operations, by meeting stringent SGS Certification standards. SGS, as the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, can add value to your business by assuring your hygiene standards remain in compliance with global metrics.

The program includes regular food safety and hygiene audits, environmental monitoring, cleaning and disinfection practices, sampling and testing regime, a dedicated mark of compliance, and an SGS audit certificate referencing achievement of COVID-19 control requirements.

You’ll earn an SGS Certification once you complete the Program successfully. Display the Certification in your business premises, and your customers will be assured of your full compliance to global food safety standards – giving them the confidence to stay and dine. 

With services like these and more, Globe myBusiness is ready to help your business bounce back. Purchase any Globe myBusiness product or upgrade your plans with us until June 30, 2021 to receive up to P23,000 worth of discounts on the SGS Hygiene Monitored program.  

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