Now that remote and blended work are here to stay, your business must adapt to these new environments to stay efficient and relevant. In the age of connectivity, it’s no longer viable to have all your data stored in one place when you can access them anytime and anywhere. Cloud does this for you.

What is Cloud?

Cloud or Cloud Computing is when you store and access files, programs, and applications over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. That means, instead of these data taking up space inside a physical computer, external hard drives, or a company network, you access them online through a service from another company, like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. If you’ve used Google Drive to save and share files, this is one example of a Cloud.

What are the Cloud’s Benefits for You, Financially and Economically?

In a nutshell, moving and storing your data in the Cloud lets you save on costs, keeps your files secure and mobile, allows you flexibility with different storage types, and increases collaboration even with remote or blended work. These give your business a competitive edge. Let’s look at some of these and more in detail below:


When you move your data to the cloud, you no longer have to purchase devices with large storage capacities or external hard drives for you and your team. Because your files, programs, and applications are now accessible online, all you need is an internet connection. Any device that can open documents, presentations, videos, apps, and more can be used! What’s more, you don’t have to worry about corrupting your files when hard drives and USBs are shared, viruses that can destroy computers and laptops, or situations that keep you from accessing these hardware (like calamities or pandemic quarantines). You save from buying equipment, extra storage devices to duplicate data, and even buying expensive virus scanners.


Because your team only needs an internet connection to log into a Cloud service provider like Google or Microsoft, they can work virtually anywhere and anytime. Now that businesses like yours have staff who work on rotation and at home, getting them on a quick call while collaborating on a project in real-time is now possible, even when physically apart. No more printing docs for checking, back and forth emails, and waiting for approvals. Additionally, according to this study by Atlassian, employees who use Cloud apps and remote access are 13% more productive than those who don’t. That’s an improvement that keeps your business competitive.

Business Performance

Cloud improves your business speed and performance, too. Because you can process data with little or no delays, and your programs and apps run smoothly as they use the Cloud, you meet work demands easily. Cloud providers make sure their systems are updated, giving you access to the best-performing tools without lag. Say goodbye to doing manual upgrades!

Customer Experience

Not only does shifting to the Cloud impact your team’s performance, it also improves customer experience. When your team and systems perform well, you’re more likely to retain your customers. For example, if you’re able to collate and view customer feedback from any device using an online survey service, you can address consumer issues right away. Cloud services can also help you build websites faster and connect to apps that let you interact with your customers easily.

Top Cloud Services You Can Start With

Store Data Online & Improve Collaboration: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

With different storage packages and all the work collaboration tools you need, Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are productivity suites that allow real-time access to inboxes, calendars, documents and presentations, photos and videos, databases, websites, and storage that easily sync with any gadget. You can work online and offline so you’ll never miss a beat. Find out which suite is best for you here.

Conduct Virtual Meetings: Zoom

Video conferencing is a must for any business operating remotely. Zoom remains one of the best apps for video calls, from meetings, webinars, to training and orientation sessions. Features include recording, screen-sharing, and collaboration. The affordable pro plans also give you unlimited meeting time – vital to keep communications going.

Stay on top of Employee Productivity: Slack 

This messaging app is fast, secure, and organized, helping employees communicate on a real-time basis. The platform’s features include setting up specific threads, sorting diverse topics or projects, assigning project statuses, and even sharing and exchanging files and documents. You’ll be able to stay on top of workflows between each employee through organized channels. You can also connect other apps to Slack so you can do your work without leaving the Slack workspace.

Step up Your Cloud Game

For advanced Cloud users, Globe myBusiness also offers Amazon Web Services, a secured cloud computing platform that provides you with an array of services from computing power, database storage, content delivery, and more.

Ready to shift your data to the Cloud? We can help! Globe myBusiness offers Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 licenses and Zoom and Slack plans with packages and incentives along with our dependable connectivity plans, so you can begin increasing your business’ productivity and efficiency in this digital age. Don’t get left behind and make the switch!


Get Google Workspace starting at P300 per month per license for a 12-month contract period. Get it from Globe myBusiness and avail of our FREE training via a webinar. Know more about it here.

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