The Crucial Role of Connectivity in Green Canyon Resort’s Success

Find out how communication powered by mobile and data connectivity solved one of Green Canyon Resort’s biggest concerns.

Green Canyon Eco Art Resort is one of Pampanga’s most well-loved and beautiful tourist destinations. Only a few hours away from Metro Manila, it’s a 44-hectare stretch of all-natural, completely eco-friendly landscape that’s perfect for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Founded six years ago by a family of engineers, the resort was built from what used to be a warehouse (hence its interesting shape) and was originally meant to be a home for generations to come. Right from the beginning, eco-friendliness was already one of the engineers’ top priorities. Most of the materials used in building the resort were recycled, and no trees were cut during construction—in fact, a few trees were even added to the reserve. More than just a great place to enjoy a vacation, the resort upholds an advocacy that makes all its guests proud.

With a modern feel and unique amenities that bring fun to people of all ages, Green Canyon is a great summer destination for the whole family, and even for pets. Some of their best man-made amenities and attractions include a wave pool powered by a hydraulic ball, the many wood art pieces scattered throughout the building, and of course, its in-house restaurant Palette, which boasts some of the best Kapampangan food.

A view of Palette, the resort’s in-house restaurant

But even those amenities pale in comparison to the natural beauty of the reserve. The place speaks for itself—it’s a 44-hectare land, only a third of which is taken up by the resort. The rest is a natural and breathtaking mountainous landscape, which guests can explore on one of Green Canyon’s famous sunrise or sunset hikes. These hikes last a total of one and a half hours, and end with a beautiful and selfie-worthy view of Mt. Arayat.

As mentioned, the resort is also pet-friendly. They even open the wave pool to animals on Sundays, so that pet owners can swim around and beat the heat with their furry friends. On any given day of the week, pets are welcome to run, play and lounge on the reserve as well.

Green Canyon also partnered with BetterDog Philippines back in November of last year to host the BetterDog Games, an event which brought in dogs from all over the country to meet, compete and bag some great freebies. During this time, they found another partner who would help them host the Games even easier: Globe myBusiness.

Prior to November of 2017, communication was one of the Green Canyon staff’s biggest issues. Because their offices were so far apart and mobile signal was very weak, they had a hard time keeping in touch with one another. They couldn’t collaborate on projects or even simply make announcements without having to go through much hassle.

They knew that this wouldn’t work when they hosted the BetterDog Games. Thus, they found a partner in Globe myBusiness, who took care of their internal as well as external connectivity problems.

With Globe myBusiness improving the mobile signal in their area and adding WiFi boosters to Green Canyon’s system, both the staff and the guests were better able to communicate externally.

The brand’s teams can now easily market Green Canyon and get in touch with current and potential visitors. This change has been especially prominent in the past few months since their mobile and data signals have been boosted. As their bookings have grown via word of mouth and digital marketing, they are now also often called to host corporate meetings and events, none of which they would have been able to handle back when their signals weren’t strong enough.

In addition to that, however, the resort’s staff were also equipped with Globe myBusiness’ Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) solution, which allowed them to communicate with each other in real-time. They are now able to plan, collaborate and approve of event details, operational issues, or staff concerns immediately and effectively.

Their staff also highlights that the addition of Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) to their daily operations makes them truer to their advocacy, as they can now go paperless when it comes to their documentation, record-keeping, and correspondence.

As for the guests, everyone who comes to Green Canyon enjoys the fast and stable WiFi connection that the resort provides. It allows them to share their unforgettable experiences with those they love, and stay in touch with one another from end to end of the reserve.

Additionally, Green Canyon notes that their guests want to feel heard, and want to know that their concerns are being addressed. This is another benefit that is granted by their connectivity, as the staff are now able to respond promptly to every concern raised by their guests.

Overall, it’s a much cleaner and hassle-free online experience that Globe myBusiness has allowed for the resort.

There’s a lot more to look forward to at Green Canyon. They’re planning to develop the place as a top-notch event venue, all the while keeping to their eco-friendly advocacy. This summer, they’re also focusing on their day trip package, which includes an optional sunset hike to Mt. Balakbak, located near the reserve. They continue to regularly host the BetterDog Games, bringing in families and their furry loved ones to see what more the resort has to offer. And finally, they’re expanding the menu at Palette, because who doesn’t love Kapampangan food?

Throughout their journey to even bigger success, they continue to partner with Globe myBusiness, knowing that Globe will be there to help them provide unforgettable customer experiences for years to come.

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