Globe myBusiness x Mober: How Tech and Logistics Go Hand in Hand

This local tech company sets out to help entrepreneurs tackle logistic demands more efficiently.

When aspiring entrepreneurs dream about a venture, they often focus on creating a unique product. But they sometimes neglect to plan for one very important aspect of business: logistics. Defined as the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies, logistics simply means efficiently getting something from point A to point B.

Help for small businesses

It’s seemingly straightforward, but logistics involve a lot of moving parts and has an incredible impact on a company’s bottom line. Think of the caterer who has to get their products from the commissary to the party venue, or the home store that has to deliver furniture to its customers daily. Even the best product will be unable to save a company if it cannot reach its customers. Many would-be entrepreneurs may even be discouraged from getting into business when they consider the considerable investment needed to get their own delivery van.

Enter Mober: This homegrown startup recognizes how important logistics is and offers an on-demand platform for cost-effective, same-day pick-up and delivery services for SMEs, shoppers, and households. The safe and fast service covers everything—from store deliveries to full-freight services, lipat-bahay needs, and even pet transport. Mober gives businesses a reliable way to get their products to their customers and even helps small businesses grow by freeing them from the need to have their own delivery van—a big expense that may end up being underutilized.

A tech partnership

Mober counts large furniture and sports retailers as well as small caterers among its clients, relying on its partnerships with van providers as well as with Globe myBusiness to provide a much-needed service. While the van partners (i.e., independent van owners whom Mober has tapped to make deliveries) are in charge of physically getting items from place to place, Globe myBusiness provides the technology to make the process as seamless as possible, keeping all parties connected, surveying traffic for the fastest routes, and allowing for real-time tracking via Global Positioning System (GPS).

“Every day, we rely on the database, the number of bookings, the heat map, which areas in Metro Manila have the most pickup booking rates. Then from there, we try to use the technology [to determine] where we can avoid the traffic area or limit the time in traffic,” explains Dennis Ng, CEO and founder of Mober.

“Since we are a tech company, we rely heavily on telecommunication. Since we started Mober, we’ve been partnered with Globe. Recently, we’ve been using the Globe myBusiness Vehicle Tracker solution, [even if] our driver has a mobile phone,” he says. While Ng stresses that a low-battery phone is a “mortal sin” in their operations, he acknowledges that it is unavoidable. With the Vehicle Tracker, Mober is able to stay connected to its 300 to 350 van partners even when smartphones fail.

Moving beyond business

The initial purpose of Mober was to help van owners fully utilize their assets, but the company now has a loftier goal: easing traffic congestion in Metro Manila. Explains Ng, “At Mober, we’re thinking [that] if we can fully load one van and consolidate two deliveries in one van, then we can minimize the number of trucks on the road and at the same time, we can minimize traffic.”

With the use of technology, Mober is able to help not only SMEs and other direct customers but also, quite possibly, the general public.

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