How Starting a Business Enabled Two Entrepreneurs to Take Control of Their Time and Make Game-changing Decisions

Read the stories of Ginger Arboleda and Paulo Tibig as they share the freedom and fulfillment they enjoy as entrepreneurs

What does independence mean to you? While a life of independence may seem glamorous and liberating, it actually entails even more responsibility. Fortunately, it has its share of rewards.

We asked two known Filipino entrepreneurs on how having businesses gave them a sense of freedom, and what struggles they had to go through along the way. How does running their own business help them live a life of independence?

Ginger Arboleda, a tech start-up founder and content creator

As a mom, content creator, and Chief Operations Officer of online tax compliance tool Taxumo, Ginger Arboleda is constantly on her feet every single day looking after her two kids and attending to work-related matters.

“My reason for having a business was initially to have more time for my daughter. I wanted to be present and I wanted to be a hands-on mom. What I enjoy about starting my own business is the time freedom,” Ginger shares. “I can spend more time with my kids and [my schedule can be] flexible.”

Ginger Arboleda (second from left) has a passion for learning that keeps her on her toes so she can help others grow and sustain their businesses.

Not everything is a walk in the park, of course. Such independence also requires constant proactiveness, energy, knowledge, and passion for learning, Ginger says. It also entailed greater responsibility, making sure that their employees are also well taken care of. 

“As the business grew, my reason [for starting the business] grew bigger, too. I found joy in fulfilling my purpose which was to help other people grow and sustain their businesses,” adds Ginger.

One of the things that helps Ginger accomplish this is being able to work from the comfort of her home. Digital solutions such as Discord, Google Drive and apps, Microsoft Solutions, Taxumo, and a stable internet connection boost her productivity and efficiency. 

With these tools on hand, Ginger gets to leverage her strengths, such as coming up with innovative ideas, building relationships with partners, and creating the product roadmap of her company. 

To aspiring entrepreneurs similarly driven by independence, Ginger emphasizes the realities behind starting a business.

“Starting and building a business is hard work so you need clarity on the reasons why you want it, and it has to be a compelling enough reason,” Ginger notes. “Also, do not compare your entrepreneurship journey with others. We all have our unique journeys and paths to follow.”

Paulo Tibig, award-winning entrepreneur and motivational speaker

Paulo Tibig is in a league of his own. Aside from being a sought-after motivational speaker for corporate and business plenaries, he also manages a logistics company, Vcargo Worldwide. On a typical day, he attends executive meetings, develops content for his talks, and travels to his speaking engagements.  

Paulo attributes his enterprising spirit to his upbringing which exposed him to entrepreneurship. With such a background, he was well aware of the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur, such as the freedom to control his schedule and career.

Paulo Tibig says technology is one of the things that gives him greater flexibility and freedom.

“Being at the helm of my companies gives me the privilege to make game-changing decisions that will benefit everybody,” Paulo says. This freedom, though, comes with responsibility. Paulo cautiously reminds,  “For me, when you feel in control you have two choices, you can abuse it or you can use it for the good of everybody.” 

He recounts, “Along the way, there are urges to exploit power for my own benefit but thank God I am constantly reminded that I have to stay in my lane, stick to my principles to do ethical business all the time.”

In the early years of his business, Paulo realized that entrepreneurship was even more challenging than life in the corporate world. With hard work and effective time management, however, he soon started reaping the fruits of his labor and experienced greater flexibility and freedom. Technology also became a critical component of his daily work; a must in today’s digital age.

“We use Google products most of the time to manage our schedules, meetings, store files一and of course, backed by solid, high-speed connection from Globe to make every digital job faster,” he says. “Thankful that technology has given us the opportunity to streamline things so we can be highly efficient.”

Seeking and attaining freedom are two different things entirely, a lesson Paulo knows all too well.

“When you work hard, when you are committed to what you do, the feeling of freedom will soon follow. When you are there, never forget your reasons why you wanted independence,” he emphasizes to aspiring entrepreneurs. “Remember that the real prize is the fulfillment of your purpose.”

Like Paulo and Ginger, you can achieve the independence you desire as you start or grow your own business. Globe Business offers digital solutions to empower entrepreneurs like you to live the life you want一and run your business with ease. To know more, click here.

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