Globe myBusiness, Let’s Eat Pare host Poblacion Food Crawl

Last June 27, 2018, Globe myBusiness teamed up with Let’s Eat Pare and Poblacion Land and Urban Development (PLUD) to launch its first-ever Poblacion food crawl in support of the vibrant restaurant and bar scene in Makati’s melting pot of multi-cuisine experience.

Entitled Let’s Food Crawl Pare, the event brought together business owners, bloggers, members of the press, and Globe representatives to participate in a restaurant and bar hopping journey around Poblacion to see what it has to offer.

With The Ruins as the starting point of the food crawl, each of the six teams would have to visit five more partner establishments and create a short video about their experience. Teams would also have to complete certain tasks in each destination to get a go signal to the next one.

All-time Poblacion favorites like Alamat, Ñ, ABKD, Smokeyard, Yalla Yalla, Bucky’s, Wild Poppy, Pura Vida, and Z Hostel were among the participating bars and restaurants, and these establishments would feature and share their best dishes and drinks to the participants.

Mark del Rosario, Founder of Let’s Eat Pare Community

During the event’s culmination, Debbie Obias, Vice President of Segment Marketing at Globe myBusiness, says Let’s Food Crawl Pare would not be possible without the help of its partners. She adds that one of Globe myBusiness’ goals is empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) towards success, saying that the event is one of the ways they can play such a part.

“We are always in support of SMEs and we hope to contribute to the growing, thriving food tourism sector. We are really here to be one of your best business partners,” Debbie says. “We really want to help SMEs grow, and we do this by providing business solutions. This helps them to be more efficient in their operations, while we lend a hand in their marketing efforts.”

Among the Globe myBusiness solutions that were highlighted during the food crawl was GCash, a secure mobile money service that lets Globe or TM users buy load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and more using their handsets. It turns mobile devices into virtual wallets, eliminating the need to bring cash while elevating customers’ shopping experiences.

Participating establishments in the food crawl accepted payment via GCash, which helped them elevate the customer experience in two ways: 1.) by providing a secure and fast way to settle their patrons’ bills, and; 2.) by helping their customers go cashless as they partied around Poblacion.

Participants of the Food Crawl learned more about using GCash

Meanwhile, at the close of the event, the winning team’s on-the-spot video was played for everyone to see. The team won P9,000 pesos worth of GCash credits, along with other prizes from Globe myBusiness, Let’s Eat Pare, and PLUD.

Celebrity and former Pinoy Big Brother contestant Joj Agpangan, who was part of the winning team, says the Let’s Food Crawl Pare was an experience she will never forget. Joj says that each establishment in Poblacion has unique offerings that people should definitely try out.

“Poblacion is really the place to be with friends. I’ll be here more often. Every place has something unique to provide, like The Apartment, Ñ, and Wild Poppy. Each of them serves a different taste, parang naikot ko na rin iyong buong Makati because of the food,” Joj says.

Joj also mentioned that participating in the food crawl helped her piece together the qualities of a perfect restaurant or bar, saying “I live nearby but I haven’t gone around, so I didn’t know where to go. Before, I didn’t have an idea of what food or drink I should get. But now, I do. The places we went to have very delicious dishes and I’d recommend them to others.”

Asked about what tip she would give to people hoping to see Poblacion, Joj said “If you’re in Poblacion, enjoy it. Try something new to your senses and it will surprise you every time.”

See what Poblacion has to offer by joining Let’s Eat Pare’s Facebook group and checking out the videos created by the participating teams. Step out and support the food tourism industry by bringing your family and friends, and experiencing Makati’s premier food district together!

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