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For many businesses, Internet connectivity is the foundation that allows them to achieve success. Discover how one such business used their WiFi connection to hit the ground running as soon as they began.

In today’s modern and highly digital world, Internet connectivity is the springboard for success. From a secure and stable WiFi connection, many possibilities automatically arise. This is especially true for business owners, who can take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer at any stage in their business journey.

Such is the case of Guimaras’ first ever inflatable water park, Andana Resort. Having just opened in December 2017, they’re still very much a new business. However, they hit the ground running by having a great startup plan, an enraptured market, and connectivity that opens up many more new possibilities.

Besides its homey and naturally beautiful accommodations, Andana Resort prides itself on its pool, inflatable water park, and various water sports. It’s a lesser-known and underestimated accommodation spot for tourists of all ages to enjoy, and a great venue for people to unwind, have fun, or even host events, seminars or conferences.

The staff’s main goal in marketing Andana is to bring awareness and love to Guimaras Island. It isn’t as well-known or as densely populated by tourists as other destinations in the Philippines, but it’s got just as much to offer. It’s a beautiful island, perfect for summer, with many untouched beaches that are rich with life and are great places to relax in. Island hopping is one of the most highly-anticipated activities Guimaras has to offer as well, since it’s in the vicinity of many other unique and all-natural spots. Finally, Guimaras boasts some of the best mangoes that the country has to offer.

Guimaras has yet to be known around the Philippines (or even the world) as a prime tourist spot, and this was a double-sided coin for Andana. On one hand, it was able to offer exclusivity and privacy to its guests, but on the other, it also had to work a bit harder to gather up its market. They’ve got a lot to offer, and visitors who have been to the resort are more than happy, so Andana wanted to make sure that the rest of the country gets to learn about the unique summer experience that can be enjoyed at the resort.

Thus, they turned to stable connectivity for marketing Andana. This was a challenge at first, since both mobile and WiFi signals were weak in the area when they first conceptualized the resort. Today, however, the mobile signal has greatly improved, allowing them to get in touch with people all over the island as well as the neighboring tourist spots in Panay. Internet connection has also been strengthened to a higher degree, which helps them in all aspects of running their resort.

Through Globe myBusiness’ provision of Direct Internet, Andana Resort is able to help their customers before, during and after their stay in the accommodations. Their main avenue to communicate with their market is online, and that’s how they advertise their resort as well. While they don’t have partnerships with online travel sites yet, being so new, they already have a steady fan base and an eager market through online advertising alone.

While their guests are on the resort itself, they can enjoy strong and stable Internet that keeps them connected to the people who matter to them. This includes family, friends, co-workers, employees and anyone else that the guests need to stay in touch with. This means that Andana is able to provide them with an experience that’s even more hassle-free and enjoyable, since they’re always online.

Finally, the benefits of connectivity don’t end once the guests have left the resort. When feedback comes in, usually in the form of social media posts, comments, and reviews, Andana doesn’t turn a blind eye. It makes sure to get something out of every piece of commentary, and encourages visitors to leave reviews—either as a form of constructive criticism or as a form of free marketing.

The customers’ entire experience is boosted by Andana’s connectivity. From this point, they foresee even brighter and clearer skies, as they plan to fix glitches, build up and establish Andana as a world-class resort, and really boost the fact that they’re one of the first resorts on Guimaras Island, and the only inflatable water park in their area. They’re on their soft opening, but with the success their connectivity has provided for them, they’re surely in for a long journey of success.

You too, can provide 5-star experiences to your guests through connectivity! Find the right one for your business today.

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