Customer loyalty workshop leads 0917 Day celebration with SMEs

Discover what drives customer loyalty as Globe myBusiness celebrates ‘0917 Day’ with SME owners.

Building trust and loyalty with customers is one of the most important factors in the success of a business. Understanding how customers think and feel can help you create closer relationships with them. While it is a long and tedious process, it is also lucrative and rewarding.

This was the primary takeaway at the User Council and Customers workshop held at The Globe Tower last September 27, 2018. The workshop focused on how businesses can practice “design thinking,” a human-centered approach that gives enterprises the power to know what customers need and how they can deliver.

The workshop was a feature of the first-ever 0917 Marketplace held at The Tower’s basement floor from September 26 to 28 in celebration of “0917 Day”, Globe Telecom’s iconic mobile prefix. The marketplace featured clothing, toys, pet supplies, personal wellness, accessories, and other products offered by Globe myBusiness merchants.

Business owners enjoy a day-trip at the Globe Tower, which was recognized as one of the best workplaces in the country.

Attendees of the workshop were also given a tour of the offices, basement floors, amenities, and recreational areas of The Globe Tower, which has been nominated as one of the top workplaces in Asia.

Entrepreneurs listen in as they take some snacks during the workshop.

Miggy Dela Cruz, head of Customer Experience Design at Globe Telecom, took the stage first, starting his talk by stating that “design thinking” is a solution-focused process that helps businesses provide a customer journey that is based on positive emotions and great moments.

He noted that in creating a good customer experience, the importance of empathy should be emphasized as it allows enterprises to understand and champion the needs of customers.

Miggy Dela Cruz, head of Customer Experience Design at Globe Telecom, explains design thinking and how it can amplify customer loyalty.

“The kind of feeling that customers want to have is [that they can talk to someone], and they can trust that person. The kind of experience they should have, the touchpoint, is they need to talk, [and the response to that is] ‘I’m here to listen.’ That’s the kind of feeling they want,” he said.

Meanwhile, Herl Ramos, head of Experience Design Education at Globe Telecom, said the concept of customer experience has been redefined in today’s digital world. Customers are becoming more sophisticated as they look for rewarding experiences with brands.

Herl Ramos, head of Experience Design Education at Globe Telecom, addresses business owners on how to drive customer loyalty for their brands.

Herl said that in designing a product, business owners should put themselves in the shoes of their customers to truly understand what customers value in a product. He added that business owners should embrace creative confidence, collective thinking, readiness to learn from mistakes, and persistence to effectively practice “design thinking.”

Businesses have to consider if customers would want their product, and if it has a place in the market. Likewise, Herl added that businesses have to take note of the culture, practice, and beliefs of their market.

“Customers right now look for meaningful relationships with the brands that they’re loyal [to]. They would only stay loyal to you [when they feel that you understand them],” Herl said.

A business built on empathy and emotion is more likely to design a rewarding customer journey. With a customer-centered mindset and a determined approach, your business will surely be geared towards success!

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