8 Tips in Building A Stress-Free Workplace

Help the team prevent any work-related burnout with these eight effective habits.

Becoming better at managing stress is a life skill everyone should pay attention to, yet it can be challenging to do so, especially in this pandemic. And for many employees in work-at-home setups, daily stresses can pile up even higher, with the tasks of balancing workload, family, and all the in-betweens.

When stresses go unmanaged, they can take a toll not only on the physical but also in other aspects of one’s life, such as emotional, mental, and even spiritual.

To help employees achieve and enjoy a work-life balance, Globe myBusiness has teamed up with HR Club Philippines in sharing some of the best practices in approaching stress the right way.

1. Time management

Whether it be jotting on a print calendar or typing on a digital planner, setting goals and a timeline for a workday or workweek can do wonders regarding expectation-building and stress-handling. With a guide, it is easier to know what to prioritize, deliver, or respond to according to the requirements of every task.

2. Efficient housekeeping

Housekeeping is not just about cleanliness but also about an efficient organization. By keeping one’s space neat and tidy, things are placed and found in predictable places, making the workflow smooth, fast, and comfortable.

3. Happiness-inducing activities

Perception plays a huge role in how people deal with life, and how they view stress can affect them accordingly. In assessing a problematic situation, it can be helpful to look at it in a positive light. For example, simply smiling, even when forced, can turn around a bad mood, releasing endorphins and changing one’s attitude. Finding something funny to watch or read before facing a problem can alter a stress-filled day.

4. Friendly communication

Kindness is free, as they say, and it too has its benefits for stress prevention. Maintaining a pleasant and friendly attitude in the workplace, be that at home or the office, can create a light and positive environment, encouraging easy communication and even increased productivity.

5. Good nutrition

When stressed, missing meals or grabbing whatever food is around is common. But what people don’t realize sooner is that good nutrition plays a significant role in managing stress. Make sure to take a break when needed and enjoy a healthy diet of protein, vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates.

6. Sufficient rest and sleep

Sleep is for the weak indeed, and so when one feels weak or tired, listening to their body and giving it rest is a must. Forcing oneself to stay awake to keep working or bringing projects to bed can be detrimental, possibly causing blood pressure and stress hormone increase. By sleeping or pausing from everyday activities for nap time, the body restores its energy and improves the blood flow, giving renewed strength to get through the day with ease.

7. Exercise

Nothing else is a faster mood changer and energy booster than exercise, and the fun thing is, workouts are highly customizable from light to medium and heavy. Listen to the body and find out what works best for it—walking, running, weightlifting, yoga, or meditation, whatever that may be! Just make sure you move on the regular to prevent stress buildup, which can cause health conditions.

8. Personal or family time

Carving out a special time for oneself in a day, or even in the middle of a workweek, is crucial. Taking some time out for recreational activities, like slowly preparing meals, going outside to enjoy a walk in nature, or popping in on YouTube or Netflix, can bring more benefits than the opposite. In the same way, reaching out or spending time with family and friends also help in busting stress and gaining emotional and mental strength.

These are only some of the most effective stress-busting habits guaranteed to make anybody feel lighter, improving mood, energy, and productivity. With business owners and companies always seeking ways to show malasakit to their employees, these effective stress-busting habits are guaranteed to make anybody feel lighter, regardless of whether they work remotely or in an actual workspace.

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