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Globe Business goes beyond being your SME’s trusted partner for adopting digital tools and solutions. To help your business embrace innovations so you can own your success, we offer other means of support to help you with your digitization journey. As seen in our 2021 Saludo SME campaign, we aim to uplift you and your team with wholehearted care so you can face the future with confidence.

Tuloy Tayo with equipping your business not just with tools and connectivity, but also with special training programs in partnership with some of the best trainers in the country such as has grown to be so much more than the startup youth platform it started as in 2015. Enabling access to multiple colleges and universities, students and willing individuals can avail of courses, scholarships, and other resources at practically no cost.

The premier training provider and lead in learning technology partners with hundreds of educational entities and institutes. With this, can provide engaging content to students seeking to expand their skill set, better evaluate themselves, explore their working options, and even widen their career horizons. also offers valid webinar certifications recognized in the industry. In partnership with Globe Business, SME owners can offer their employees opportunities to upskill competencies relevant to any career stage for continued growth and development. With access to a network of training experts, presents seven (7) training courses across three (3) broader categories: Salesmanship, Leadership, and Coaching.

The Salesmanship courses include training in Agile Insights, Gap Selling vs. Solution Selling, and Prudent Selling — valuable information for any SME on ingenious approaches, generating ideas, and improving selling tactics.

The Leadership courses cover Appreciative Inquiry, Vulnerability, and Leading by Feel. These help improve interpersonal and problem-solving skills among participants so they can build stronger, more human, and more effective teams.

The Coaching courses tackle SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff) and WIN (Worthy, Innovative, Nudge). These workshops give sales and non-sales teams the confidence they need in negotiating with customers or colleagues.

All these courses are accessible to professionals of any specialization and tenure. Through Globe Business and, SMEs can provide these webinars to show their gratitude to the employees who have worked hard through one of the toughest years yet.

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