How Globe Telecom Innovates Employee Care

HR operations today should be responsive, flexible, and innovative, which Globe, with more than 8,000 employees, applied in its programs.

A year since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and the way we work still has not changed. Even with more people being vaccinated, businesses continue placing a premium on the safety and health of their employees. Thus, remote work continues to be an essential part of business continuity. However, even with organizations swiftly shifting to digitization and adapting work-from-home solutions, the pandemic has clearly underscored the urgency on the need to adopt agile and scalable work models, especially for human resource operations.

Moving towards the post-pandemic era, ineffective HR rules like bureaucracy and uniformity should be replaced with a responsive, flexible, and innovative framework.

Globe Telecom, with more than 8,000 employees, is no exception. Focusing on simplicity and speed, they have been able to innovate employee engagement when it was needed most.

Redefining the HR Management Model: Employees First

Globe understands that shaping a company’s culture starts at caring, or malasakit, for its employees. Employees who are cared for are more engaged and productive, which translates to better business. New programs for empowering, enabling, and engaging employees based on the following principles were created while the pandemic was underway:

(1) Think Win-Win, (2) Be Human, and (3) Keep Things Simple.

One great example is how Globe managed to keep track of the 8,000 employees across the country.

At the start of the pandemic, Globe required employees to check in about their health status. On average, the company recorded 30 to 60 percent of responses on Google forms alone. However, this was too much to keep track of and relied on a culture of compliance, which was not sustainable given the duration of the pandemic. So, on March 27, 2020, Globe launched its COVID-19 Disaster Response chatbot called Digital Usher for Disasters and Emergencies (DUDE).

DUDE is a chatbot that would regularly check in with Globe employees first thing in the morning. It helped the COVID-19 Response Core Team keep track of employees. It also provided accurate information, health check-ins, safety tips, and a medical and mental health support hotline. The bottom line here is, Globe understood that more than fancy technology, innovation should also provide genuine care and swift delivery from their end.

Engaged Employees, Empowered Business

A company’s HR team plays a crucial role in an employee’s experience. Research has shown that when HR facilitates a positive experience for an employee, there is a better chance they will outperform themselves. Better employee engagement equals better business. Globe Business understands this and wants to help you strengthen your HR team’s programs through easily adaptable solutions.

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