Globe Business Cloud Payroll offers a convenient payroll system

Designed to organize HR transactions, the Cloud Payroll makes employee management and salary disbursement easier for only PHP70 per employee per month.

With physical offices now transitioned into remote setups, more businesses are joining the shift to cloud solutions. Paper-based or analog transactions have become way less efficient and convenient, plus more prone to errors. This leads to a lot of workflows shifting to digital platforms.

Establishing virtual platforms and utilizing cloud solutions are now a top priority, especially in the human resources department. This makes it easier and faster for HR leaders to facilitate and process administrative tasks and workers to avail their compensation, benefits, and other allowances.

Globe Business understands companies going through challenges and reforms.  With Globe Business Cloud Payroll, automating employee information and payroll processes is easier than ever. HR practitioners can focus on engaging employees better, upskilling talent, and ensuring employee satisfaction. 

A software designed to organize all HR transactions, the Cloud Payroll assists with compensating employees for time worked, keeping track of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, payslip generation, paying premiums, and paying employment taxes to the government. It can also track employees who are field-based, remote, contractual-based, have night differentials, and need geo-tagging. Cloud Payroll makes it easy to record, track, manage, time keep, and compute for their compensation, which is not straightforward like 8-hour shifts. 

Its mobile and web app also aids in employee information management, such as tracking of contact information, attendance, and work schedules. Automated payroll processing time and pay history reports are also easily accessible and available.

Best for 100 or more employees, small to medium enterprises from various industries such as education, finance, supply chain, and tourism, can benefit from setting up Cloud Payroll. This goes the same for companies with limited HR personnel that find it expensive to outsource. 

Companies availing of the Globe Business Cloud Payroll are provided with personalized assistance with an account manager, additional support advisory, multiple payment methods, complementary solutions for connectivity or ICT needs, and after-sales support, helping HR departments champion their deliverables as well as the needs of the employees.

As a complimentary service to the Cloud Payroll, using GCash for Business is another advantageous option for salary disbursement. Companies can make quick and easy pays for new employees, especially those who do not have bank account requirements just yet. Petty cash advances and allowances can also be wired in real-time, removing the time spent waiting for the next banking day. HR can even send instant incentives for employee engagement activities, such as recognitions and awards or in events. 

With all these shifts to digital and cloud platforms in the realm of HR and expenditures, it looks like the cash-free future is here. Businesses need to make sure they are right in the forefront of keeping their systems up-to-date, looking after employees the best they can, and providing services to their clientele in a timely and relevant manner. With Globe Business Cloud Payroll, they can enjoy all these at a starting rate of PHP70 per employee per month for 100 employees. For interested SMEs planning to avail now until September 30, enjoy FREE Managed IT Credits* to have an on-call I.T. Support for their business or employees working from home. Make easy track and easy pay work for your business success. Sign up now at

Watch how Cloud Payroll can solve your HR pain points in this video:

*for select areas only

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