Going the Extra Mile: How Mober Stays Ahead of the Same-Day Delivery Service Industry

This start-up company is pushing the envelope in the logistics industry, thanks to the right technology and reliable partnerships.

The first brave company to venture into previously unexplored territory opens the gates for other new companies—and competition. Case in point: Mober, a local startup that’s first to offer an on-demand platform for cost-effective, same-day delivery service for SMEs, shoppers, and households. It offers full-freight and lipat-bahay solutions, among other transport services. With an investment from leading logistics provider 2GO and big-name clients in the furniture and sports retail industries, Mober is enjoying success in its niche in the logistics technology industry.

Naturally, companies offering a similar service can’t be far behind. New players are springing up, hoping to replicate Mober’s success. Dennis Ng, CEO and founder of Mober, reveals how the company stays ahead of its competitors.

Quick turnaround times. Unlike other companies whose head offices are located in other countries, Mober Philippines is a homegrown startup with its headquarters located in the country.

“Because management is based here, any decision-making is very easy for us. My team will send me a recommendation, we can make a decision in a few hours. We don’t have to throw it to the regional office or any headquarters,” says Ng. “I think that’s one thing that [gives] Mober an edge.” 

An intimate knowledge of its market. “The Filipino market is a very unique market. It’s totally different from our neighbors in Southeast Asia. We have this personal touch,” Ng shares. Mober’s customers, he says, are segurista. “They already booked through an app and they [still] want to make sure that the technology sent their booking. They have to call our call center, ‘Nakuha niyo yung booking?’” Ng relates. While they now have a few competitors in the country, Mober is the first to have a dedicated call center that services customers from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

A big vision. Aside from aiming to help reduce traffic congestion by streamlining the use of delivery vans, Ng also envisions a program called “driverpreneur,” which is meant to empower drivers. Ng explains, “After two years of operation, we’ve realized that the problem is the driver. There’s a shortage of drivers. When I say there’s shortage of drivers, it’s because the children of the drivers now saw the hardship of their father. They don’t want to be a driver.”

To address this, Mober has partnered with another startup called Delivery Nerd, which provides vans for these drivers. “They will finance a delivery van. [The drivers] pay on a daily basis, yung parang boundary basis but they own the van. At the same time, they sign with Mober, and Mober guarantees a booking every day. So we’re trying to create this next breed of driverpreneur. At the same time, I would like to call them SME na rin,” says Ng.

Mober’s strong partnerships with its drivers, Delivery Nerd, and Globe myBusiness help them bring their vision to life. Globe provides the tech support that allows Ng’s company to operate smoothly. The CEO adds, “I think we’re very lucky that we have this partnership with Globe because Mober alone cannot support these SMEs. In our little way, with this driverpreneur program and in partnership with Globe, we can slowly generate a new breed of entrepreneurs or SMEs. [They can say,] ‘I’m a logistics company.’ Kahit isang van ka lang, logistics company. This is our vision.”

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