10 Ways You Can Run an Online Store on Your Mobile Phone

You don’t need a computer to run an online shop anymore -- everything you need can be found right at your fingertips with mobile e-commerce!

Gone are the days when e-commerce shops had to be run via computers. These days, with smartphones or tablets the equivalent of a handheld laptop, you can easily do e-commerce on mobile devices. You may not realize it, but everything that can be done on a computer can already be done on a smartphone — just check out these list of features your phone has that can easily turn it into your go-to shoprunner.

Have a real-time inventory list on-hand with the Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers app on your phone. Check your business’ progress, resources, products or even employees with these lists, some of which can be updated by multiple people at a time (like Google Sheets). You can even have your managers send you sheets and check them through your phone, so you’re always updated.

Good customer service entails being available to chat, message or respond to your customers’ inquiries at all times. But when you’re not always at your desk, the better option is to have social media apps on your phone like Viber, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram to respond to your customers’ feedback or questions frequently and immediately. As a bonus, customers will find you reliable and considerate, and will be more likely to buy from your shop.

Say goodbye to handwritten notes and paper lists that could get wet, torn or misplaced. With your phone on hand, you can prioritize your responsibilities, tasks and important memos according to any style you want. If you’re running a food store, you can write down things to buy, like ingredients or equipment. If you’re in retail, you can note down important things to accomplish each day as well.

The good thing about digital calendars is that most of them have the option to sync across devices, so you’ll never miss an appointment again. You can also program your phone to remind you ahead of time so you can prepare for important meetings, reminders or tasks. You have multiple views so you can check what’s in store every week, month, or even year.

You don’t always need a high-end camera to take great shots. With good lighting, filters, and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can take high-resolution pictures that look just as sharp and appealing on today’s high-retina or even Liquid Retina phone screens. Because product photos are so important, you should be able to take them anywhere and at any time, once the opportunity strikes.

If you’re looking forward to expanding to a physical store, or if you already own one and are planning to set up a new branch, you should scope out the area first. Pay attention to factors like the market that goes there, the noise and pollution levels, the traffic situation and parking availability, before making the decision to set up. In this case, if you can’t check the place yourself, consider using Maps to view the area, including traffic levels and surrounding establishments.

One of the newer utilities made available for phones is the ability to measure something just by pointing your phone at it. This is especially useful for shops that need to include measurements, like retail stores that state the dimensions of clothing or objects in their posts online.

With apps like Microsoft Word or Pages, you can easily make documents that you can share with your team. You can even collaborate with them if you’re using Google Docs. Similarly, PowerPoint or Keynote allow you to create and edit slides and full presentations should you have the need to, while Google Slides allows you to do so with the help of your team.

Spice up your announcements, promotions or special prices with Canva’s professional layouts and stunning graphics. These layouts are easy to make, simple to understand, and ready to post as soon as you’re done making them, so you can quickly make presentations, social media posts and more with just a few taps.

In any business, it’s important to pay attention to what your competition is doing. It’s also useful to know what the “giants” in your industry are doing. So if your competition or these giants have a mobile shopping app, don’t hesitate to download it and see what they’re doing. This doesn’t mean you should copy what they have, but you should at least be aware of what contribution they’re making to your industry. Who knows? You might learn a little something.

As you can see, it no longer requires a computer to run an online shop. With the features on your phone, you’re more than capable of running your e-commerce site or app. The next step is to adapt your business for mobile phones, and you’ll be able to really run it from anywhere, and at anytime!

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