SMS for success: Why M360 is the best texting tool for your business

Optimize texting for your business with Globe Business' SMS platform that lets you reach thousands of customers across all networks.

Texting remains to be a powerful communication platform. In the Philippines, the number of mobile phone users is still increasing. Texting is still the main way Filipinos connect. When it comes to direct messaging and one-on-one conversations, businesses continue to rely on SMS. It’s when businesses blast texts to many, without considering their audience and targeting the right ones, that it appears as a challenging marketing tool. However, that can be easily fixed with a mobile business solution.

Globe Business, in particular, carries M360 – an all-in-one, automatic texting platform that lets you communicate with your audience from all networks swiftly and conveniently.

With M360, you can increase your business presence and customer loyalty in three simple steps:

Step 1: Branded Sender Name

Understandably, no one wants to receive text messages from unknown numbers. With a unique sender ID, your business will get a better brand recall. Also, it will drive away customer doubts about your business’ legitimacy. That way, they read the message you want to get across. No more ending up perceived as spam or worse, a scam!

STEP 2: Create Subscriber Lists

Your eyes and fingers will thank you for this. With customized subscriber lists, you do away with the endless sorting and scanning through your ‘Contacts’ list. Easily organize subscriber lists and send thousands of messages in bulk. You can now create different messages for your different target markets, too.

STEP 3: Send Text Messages In Real-Time

One of the most important aspects of text marketing is the reliability of WHEN your customers receive your messages — which should be, as soon as you send them at the time you know customers should get them. There’s no bigger opportunity missed than those caused by late messages.

Don’t know where to start? Begin by keeping in mind text messages you’ll need to create and send out on a regular basis, to get customers hooked and interested in your brand, such as:

Looking forward to firing up your marketing and reaching thousands of customers with these texting features? Get M360 where you can choose how to bundle it with mobile or internet service and be billed through Globe Business.

For easy transactions, you will also get a dedicated customer service representative to assist you with all your needs — from creating and managing multiple subscriber lists for better audience groups to enhancing brand recall and security through customized features like sender number and programs based on your business needs.

Don’t waste this time to nurture great customer experience and grab this exclusive offer from Globe Business! Talk to us to learn more and don’t forget to share this with your colleagues and friends.

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