Learn to Woo Your Customers With Your Business’s Love Language This Season

Are you giving all your love to your customers? Learn the 5 business love languages that will help you connect with them better.

Is it possible to interact regularly with someone without appearing too clingy? Is there a way to engage somebody in deep, meaningful conversations without being too forward? If you’ve ever immersed yourself in the complicated world of dating, these questions are probably familiar. You could relate to these so well, you can easily incorporate hugot lines in your brands’ witty February ads.

Love is an elusive emotion after all, and while we wish we can give you a foolproof dating handbook, we unfortunately haven’t figured it out ourselves. However, if you substitute ‘someone’ to ‘your customers’ in our earlier questions, we can offer some tips in a field we know better — business love languages and solutions that make an impact.

Love Language 1: Connection

Build A Relationship With Your Customers

Unlike panliligaw, you cannot bombard your customers with treats and profound messages of admiration. You do, however, need to attract them through meaningful messages.

In this age of hyper-connectivity, your business should be mindful of your customers’ time. Because we can’t fully disconnect from work and social commitment nowadays, customers only read and appreciate things that spark their interest.

Since the best relationships are built on mutually beneficial two-way conversations, the only way to create genuine brand love is to make your customers feel heard. Ask relevant questions and get feedback through Google Forms under Google’s Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) platform. Send queries to know what your customers like and dislike. It also makes sure your business looks legitimate by having your own email domain.

Love Language 2: Communication

Reach Your Customers

While little love notes sent by secret admirers can be cute, a brand should never appear anonymous, shady, prank-like, or an oversell to its customers. Once you’ve crafted the perfect concise message, preferably with an interesting bait and value-added hook, it’s time to message blast.

You can craft your own database and manually copy-paste your message for each person. Or, if you want your life easier, you can automate this task with the help of M360.

M360 allows you to have subscriber lists, scheduled SMS blasts, and a personalized ID that will appear more legit than a random phone number popping up on your customers’ phones.

You can even hook it up with your Brand App to maximize your investment. With API, you can have two applications “talk” to each other. Say you have a restaurant. Customers making reservations in your app or website can have them confirmed via text or email. It’ll be instantly booked in your reservation file as well.

With the time saved, you can gather more feedback and spend your energy-sustaining engagement.

Love Language 3: Touch

Improve Your Customer Experience

It’s important to welcome your customers in your physical store with a warm service crew, comfortable facilities, and a sensory environment where they can absorb what your brand is all about.

So if you take pride in developing a work conducive cafe, for instance, your music must not be distracting, coffee should be strong, tables wide enough for all gadgets, and above all — there should be reliable WiFi connection. These days, customers are after good connectivity, so having great internet service helps increase your sales.

With Globe myBusiness as your partner, you can opt-in for the Managed WiFi solution so everyone who wishes to access the internet will have consistent connectivity at optimal speed. That’s one way to keep your customers in your store.

With Managed WiFi, you can set browsing time and speed per guest or allocate bandwidth for your operations to avoid downtimes. You can restrict access to certain websites, even downloads and uploads. With you in control of the service, your systems, such as your POS, can work seamlessly while offering high-speed internet to your clients.

Love Language 4: Service

Keep Customers Coming Back

Like lasting relationships, loyalty is integral. Keeping someone interested in you requires effort, and let’s face it — it wouldn’t hurt if you’ll regularly shower them with quality time and desirable gifts.

Now you can do both through the RUSH Rewards platform. It’s an easy-to-use rewards system where you can set up digital stamps for frequent purchases, deploy mobile ads, and even collate customer data through their transactions.

It’s instant gratification, and you wouldn’t need to deep dive into developing complicated promos with easy-to-misplace stamp cards. Implementation at point-of-sale can also be faster with everything happening electronically at the touch of a screen.

Love Language 5: Security

Make Your Customer Relationships Secure

Once you have an open line of communication, nurture it so their trust will grow deeper. It can be a real deal breaker when you spill secrets or break promises, even when it’s unintentional. Likewise, your online business transactions with customers are constantly at risk from fraudulent and malicious activities and must be safeguarded.

Data Privacy is a big issue today. It’s a constant source of conflict and worry. Your customers entrust that the personal information they have shared will only be accessible for its intended purpose. For example, don’t be tempted to send ad materials to their address, when they only gave it to you for one-time delivery purposes (unless you were able to ask for consent). Not only will you go head-to-head against the increasingly stringent Data Privacy Laws in the Philippines, but it’s also a quick way to burn a bridge.

To uphold your promise of quality and safety to your customers, you can sign up for secure data storage so you can safely create your database there, then guard it round-the-clock with cybersecurity measures like the one offered by Globe myBusiness’s Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOC).

It can help you look out for threats and assess your own vulnerability so you can have concrete points for improvement. After all, if somebody you care about ever gave you their heart, you’ll do everything to take care of it, right?

Your business is a product of your blood, sweat, and tears. It’s been a long labor of love for you to get to where you are today. When the going gets tough, it’s important to find the right partner, like Globe myBusiness, who will help you be your best.

So make sure you maximize available digital solutions mentioned above, especially M360, to offload some of the tedious tasks. That way, you’ll get more love from your customers this Valentine’s.

Contact Globe myBusiness for more info and feel free to share this to your colleagues and friends!

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