Here Are 3 Easy Ways You Can Reach Your On-the-go Customers

These three easy tips are game-changers to make sure your texts don’t end up seen-zoned.

These days, we’re bombarded with too many notifications. Any message you may want to send to your customers has a lot of competition — from social media updates, the latest news, or even their work emails.

You’d hate to be the sore loser that winds up in the spam or trash folder. How can your brand stand out from all the noise and competition? We have some pointers on what to consider when you send a text message to your customers.

#1 Introduce Yourself

All trustworthy relationships begin with a warm and earnest introduction. This is the time to practice the ‘best foot forward’ principle. It’s ideal to let your customers know that you are a respectable brand with good intentions.

In place of a firm handshake, the best counterpart for text (or SMS) messages is a clear display of your brand name on the phone ID. It adds legitimacy, as opposed to a random number that may mark you as a poser or a scammer. It also shows that you take your business seriously and have registered it with the necessary government offices to be able to get an ID of your own, rather than texting from prepaid numbers that can easily be bought anywhere.

#2 Know Your Customers

For your marketing efforts to be effective, you must know your target market. Gathering the right information about them, understanding why the information is important, and creating databases from these are the pillars of successful marketing.

It’s important to know your customers’ likes, dislikes, what they do, and what they’re interested in. Any data you can get about their behavior and interests will help you know what kinds of messages will appeal to them.

And you don’t have to put all your customers under one umbrella profile. You can group them further depending on their said interests and behaviors. That way, you can really make your messages personal and valuable to them. Just remember to avoid sending too many messages within a day or two.

Upon their consent, don’t forget to gather and safely store their contact information to keep the communication going. With all these information variables, creating a database of your customers is a laborious task, but one that must be done.

#3 Send The Right Texts At The Right Time

What good is your special promo, one you’ve crafted to hook your customers, if it doesn’t reach them in time? With such a long list to send to, the ones at the bottom of the list might be at a disadvantage when they learn about your updates at a later time.

While you can line up several phones for a text blast or get some typing help from your friends for a simultaneous release, the process does take some time, effort, and coordination. You’ll surely face errors too because of all that manual work.

The Solution

Now you’re probably asking: how can you sign up for a message ID, make an accessible and reusable database, without dedicating huge chunks of time just manually sending messages?

Globe myBusiness offers a simple, one-stop-shop solution through its Automatic Mobile Blaster, or M360 for short. This platform enables its users the following:

All this in a user-friendly platform, similar to the most current blog sites. Plus, If you’re already a Globe myBusiness subscriber, you can discuss this with your current account manager so it can be billed on top of your current phone line for less fuss.

If your business has a mobile app, you can take it one notch further by hooking it up with Globe myBusiness’ APIs. For example, if you’ve got loyalty rewards in your app, you can send an automatic SMS confirmation when your customer makes a purchase. If your app functions as an online store, your SMS updates can take the form of order updates, from acknowledging orders to shipping them.

With the M360 platform, you can spend less time laboring, and more time on building relationships with your customers. That way, you’ll get more love from them.

Interested in this business solution? Contact your Globe myBusiness representative to learn more, and don’t forget to share the good news with colleagues and friends!

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