Facebook 101 for Filipino Businesses

What is Facebook Ads and what can it do for your business?

As an entrepreneur, having a social media page for your business is a must. Advertising (like billboards, TV, radio, and website placements) require investment that not all businesses may have budget for.

Besides, learning what works for these traditional forms of ads can be overwhelming. But with social media giants like Facebook, you’ll easily see results you can take action of. That makes it a suitable marketing platform for any business size.

If you’re still asking yourself if your business needs Facebook Marketing, let’s consider these facts specific for the Philippines:

So, you’re convinced that yes, your business definitely needs a Facebook page. However, so do thousands of other businesses.

Without effectively managing your marketing activities on Facebook, your business can be drowned out in the ocean of digital noise. Before diving in, let’s dip into some research showing why Facebook Ads is the way to go.

Why Facebook Ads is Becoming a Necessary Tool for SMEs

1. King of social networks.

We’ve established above why Facebook is an ideal platform for exposing your business to users, thus generating leads and sales. To add, the number of Daily Active Users (DAU) has increased to 1.66 Billion worldwide because of the new normal. Most of these users use mobile phones. And because it’s a social platform, you get better customer retention because you connect with your audience instantly.

That’s a lot of potential customers for your business that can help you grow like crazy! All you need to do is to reach out to them.

2. Cheapest form of advertising.

Putting up a website and traditional media marketing (like radio, TV, print media, billboards, or direct mail) are costly. These ads oftentimes require long-term subscription commitments. But creating a Facebook business page is free. What you pay for are its additional advertisement capabilities and facilities on Facebook Ads Manager. You don’t need to spend thousands to start reaching thousands of people as you try and test various campaigns that suit your budget.

Why spend more to reach the same audience?

3. Most targeted form of advertising.

You can determine your market based on demographics and interests. With simple adjustments, you’ll be able to broaden or narrow down your target audience. Call-to-action buttons are customizable so you can drive customers to, say, your website or to Messenger. That way, you can adjust the page settings to suit your main goals such as growing likes or increasing purchases.

4. Retarget the audience and remarket as you wish.

It lets you retarget and remarket to visitors (and their emails) who had previously contacted you, checked your website, or purchased from you. Not only that, since Facebook’s algorithm encourages interactions between the page owner and the audience, you can utilize contests, giveaways, and newsletters to gather email leads for future communication efforts outside of Facebook.

5. User-friendly interface.

If you know how to navigate your Facebook account, you can create ads just fine. Facebook has numerous tools that make creating and managing ads so easy. You can learn about some here.

6. Fast and instantly measurable.

Facebook Ads comes with real-time results and data. You can reach your target audience today if you wanted to, and you’ll see how many likes, clicks, engagement, and sales you get from each ad right away.

You can use Facebook Insights to see the numbers and statistics by simply going to the overview page. When you click on each category, you get more detailed statistics that’ll help you track and measure each ad’s growth and performance.

7. Real-time adjustments.

Tracking activities for Facebook Ads are easy and make any necessary adjustments a breeze. You’ll immediately know what works and what doesn’t.

If your current ad doesn’t work, you can pull it out and change without having to worry about any heavy financial consequences. You can change tactics, creative directions, and objectives in a snap. This flexibility allows you to freely test multiple factors to determine what your winning formula is.

8. Organic Facebook posting is dead.

With businesses going paid, the chances of your market seeing an organic post are slim to none. Facebook’s algorithm constantly changes as it experiments with ways to grow its paid marketing revenues. That resulted in reducing the visibility of business pages in people’s news feeds.

Only 5.5% of your followers will actually see your updates. Reality is: you need to use Facebook Ads if you want consumers to see your business.

9. Your competitors are on Facebook.

An estimated 40 million or 62% of businesses worldwide are on Facebook. With you onboard Facebook, you don’t just get to track your business’s performance; you’ll be able to track your competitors, too. Get insights about the competition in your area and how you rank compared to them.

10. Tried and tested.

Businesses such as KoséWoodstuckNext AcademyLulu’sLovfeeChriscoLendi, and many more SMEs have benefited from using Facebook marketing to grow their businesses into the success they are today. You can read their stories and more here.

So, how can you get Started with Facebook Ads?

You would need to create a Facebook Business Page to start using paid marketing strategies. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

1. Create your business’ page

2. Go to the Globe myBusiness FB Ad Portal

There aren’t many other social media platforms like Facebook that can give you and your business such a large reach and numerous engagement possibilities. And while a little bit of learning is still needed to successfully market on Facebook, it’s great to know that you can get started without a big investment. Later on, you can even branch out to more complex paid strategies and campaigns!

What’s more, you won’t have to do it alone. Globe myBusiness can help you create and manage your Facebook Ads with their step-by-step guide.

Ready to stand out and have your Facebook business page make an impact on your audience? Contact your Globe myBusiness representative now! Click here to learn more.

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