Be Heard: The Types of Messages Customers Should Be Getting from You

Everyone is online. Social media feeds have turned into information superhighways with billboard after billboard after neon lights bombarding customers with products and services, fake news, and memes. How do you stand out and be in their top-of-mind? Get their attention by engaging them at relevant occasions. Do this and you can also encourage repeat purchase and drive long-term loyalty.

After all, it’s way more costly to keep investing in getting new customers than fostering affinity with the ones you already have. Here, we help you improve your customer experience with the types of messages you can send to engage them.

Transaction confirmation

Every interaction is an opportunity to engage with your customers. Why not forego the robotic texts and opt for messages that sound like they came from a real live breathing, feeling human being? Shoot two birds with one stone with a transactional message that doesn’t just confirm a purchase or delivery but also delights!

Sample message:

Hi, Kc! We got you — this is to confirm that your payment of P350 for three plain white shirts has been received. We’re getting it all wrapped up and ready, please expect your order to arrive on Wednesday, September 5. Thank you and we hope you have a great day!

Special promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Keeping audiences in the loop on your brand’s deals, promos, sales, etc. is a good way to keep them hooked and dedicated to your business. You’re trying to make your customers’ day better and save in the long run, so why not broadcast it?

And because they’re your loyal customers, why not give them special dibs into your promos by providing custom codes, or early access?

Sample message:

“Hello, Jun! Get special early bird access to our holiday sale! It’s 60% off on all purchases STARTING TODAY, just use the code PASKONA at checkout!”


Nobody likes getting their time wasted, and no one likes getting inconvenienced. Avoid getting angry messages or reviews (and a potential crisis) by always keeping your patrons in the know. You’re closed for an annual event? Let them know! You’re open longer than usual? Let them know! Your bestseller is out of stock? Tell them before they start asking!

Sample message:

“Hi everyone! Please be advised that the [address] store will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from August 1 at 9 AM to August 4 at noon. You may visit our online store in the meantime. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Product reminders

Do you have any new services and features? Have previous issues been resolved with new updates? Let your audience know! How does your business add value to your customers’ lives? How does it optimize workflow?

Give reminders on your products and services and how it can make lives easier. Drive answers, provide solutions and go out of your way to make someone’s day brighter.

Sample message:

“Hangry? We feel you — tanghali na, wala pa yung lunch mo. Schedule your lunch deliveries for the week today and say hello to on-time meals and goodbye to ‘hanger.’”

Requests for feedback

Two-way streets mean traffic goes both ways. So why not take the engagement up a notch by opening your business up to your customers’ valuable preferences and opinions? They are, after all, the bull’s eye of your target.

Tip: maximize feedback opportunities by rewarding those who take the time to respond and help you out.

Sample message:

“How do you feel about our products? Your feedback is valuable to us. Respond to this short survey at <link> and your next purchase is on us!”

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