Transition to Hybrid Work Setups for Continuous Business Operations

To help business owners control the uncertainty from hybrid work setups, here is a checklist to ensure that the necessary preparations are in place.

The blended workforce of the future is here. With changing protocols, health and safety concerns, and COVID-19 vaccine rollouts affecting offices around the globe, many have embraced a mix of remote and in-office work so that businesses can continue without a hitch. The pandemic has eradicated apprehensions about this kind of employee management approach, making companies realize that overseeing their people is possible even when physically apart.

With the goal of making the blended work setup transition as smooth, fast, and practical for all, businesses are on the lookout for the best tools and equipment for their employees. 

Globe Business is just as invested in helping address productivity and privacy issues in hybrid work conditions, giving options and strategies for employers to allow their team to mix their remote work and in-office times. To help business owners, here is a checklist to ensure that the necessary preparations are in place.

1. Safety protocols

Vaccination programs are on the rollout in several workplaces, helping ensure the health safety of the employees in blended setups. To strengthen these precautions, it is important to install policies requiring the wearing of face masks at all times, proper social distancing, and sanitization. Hygiene supplies, medicine, and first-aid assistance must also be made available to help employees feel secure in returning to the physical space.

Pro-Tip: Make use of Google or Microsoft Forms to survey your team on health statuses, vaccination updates, and other health and safety needs you can address. Learn more about Google Workplace and Microsoft 365’s tools like Forms here.

2. Overall health preparedness

This pandemic has taken major tolls on people’s health everywhere. Employers offering the hybrid work option to their employees must make sure they have the proper processes in briefing and helping their employees undergo necessary adjustments when it comes to being in the office once again. Some may need physical and mental health assistance, while others might seek emotional or even spiritual guidance. Therefore, having platforms or mechanisms in which employees can get help with ease would be beneficial not only to them but for the success of the company itself.

Pro-Tip: Get your employees KonsultaMD. The 24/7 medical hotline services reduces face-to-face visits and keeps your people safe for as low as one peso a day with unlimited medical advice. Learn more about KonsultaMD here.

3. Workspace design and employee scheduling

A few businesses tend to overlook this seemingly trivial detail, but reorganizing the office is also crucial in preparing for the blended workforce. Employers need to make sure the traffic flow is spacious and safe enough for employees to move around in, avoiding unnecessary interactions that may lead to possible COVID-19 contact or spread. At the same time, determining every employee’s report days and log hours should also be a priority, for both productivity and safety purposes.

Pro-Tip: According to this Vicus Partners,  work areas should be physically distanced with one meter apart. Keep an open floor plan with proper ventilation, imposing guidelines on personal hygiene and office cleanliness among others. We also share more tips in this article.

4. Communication and connection

Employees that have been in work-at-home setups in the last 15 months may have a difficult time bouncing back into social situations at work. Alongside physical design and mental and emotional support, creating ways to sustain interaction and rebuild work culture is still key. Communicating and exchanging ideas in engaging approaches help boost performance, and the sense of belongingness to a community contributes to a more dynamic and efficient work system. With that, digital tools that seamlessly connect the in-office and remote employees continue to be crucial in hybrid setups.

Pro-Tip: Team-building doesn’t have to be face-to-face. With the use of video conferencing apps like Zoom, you can host fun activities like quiz nights, cooking classes, and more.

5. Relevant tools and tech

Hybrid work structures are better managed with the right tools and technology that keep employees connected, collaborative, and productive. Globe Business’ different mobile and connectivity plans can answer your needs as you transition your teams. You can also get GCash credits when you avail any of these offers!

Equipping both owners and employees with the necessary information and tools in this switch to blended workforce is a must. With Globe Business, they have access to these needs and more, helping them achieve a stronger and greater advantage in today’s fast-paced times and demands.

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