Globe myBusiness Shares Businesses’ Passion for Service this Mothers’ Day: The Go-to Makeup Look for Busy Moms, Achieved with Ellana Cosmetics!

Ellana founder and formulator Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor teaches us how to get confident and camera-ready in minutes.

Celebrating Mothers’ Day in a pandemic is a unique experience. Besides the usual things we need to be grateful to mom for—her unending support, her tireless efforts, her selfless sacrifices—we also need to appreciate how much harder her job has become. Because of the current situation, mom’s priorities of housekeeping and safeguarding the family have increased tenfold.

Working moms of all shapes, sizes, and industries are at the forefront of our minds this Mothers’ Day 2021. From the corporate worker to the business leader to the dedicated housewife, every mom deserves to feel appreciated. Not only that, but if we can make mom’s job a little easier, what better gift can we give?

This month, Globe myBusiness partnered with a number of SMEs to provide moms (and mom-lovers!) with how-tos that can ease their everyday struggles and make daily habits easier to do.

One of Globe myBusiness’ partner SMEs for this was Ellana Cosmetics. With the advent of Zoom meetings and work-from-home, moms have to be not just beautiful but camera-ready from home. But what’s a busy mom to do when she has so many things on her mind, and not a lot of time? Ellana Cosmetics’ founder provides a quick and nearly effortless makeup tutorial that gets you from stressed to your best in less than five minutes.

Ellana was founded by Theresa Carbonel and Coney Avellana back in 2007 with the goal of providing women all over the country with skin-loving yet high-performance makeup that works for reactive or sensitive skin, without breaking the bank or damaging the environment. Countering more recent skin issues like maskne or prickly heat, their cosmetics line has since become even more skin-oriented with products focused on the aforementioned concerns.

Throughout their business journey, Ellana had a trusted partner and guide in the form of Globe myBusiness. They utilize business solutions such as mobile lines and wireless landline, which allow them to correspond and stay in touch with their customers. With the changes that the pandemic has caused them to make in their business operations and product development, these connections have never been more quintessential to their success. Globe myBusiness is at the forefront of these connections, and remains a strong supporter of Ellana so they can build their business better.

Check out the following tips to know how Theresa sets up, channels her confidence, and gets camera-ready in as little as five minutes!

And you’re done! Even if it takes longer than five minutes the first time, you get better (and faster!) with practice. Perfect your makeup look as a gift to yourself this Mothers’ Day, and embrace that confident, self-loving glow!

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