Globe myBusiness Shares Businesses’ Passion for Service this Mothers’ Day: NAILS.Glow Shows Us the Best Way to Pamper Moms—At Home or Elsewhere!

This Mothers’ Day, avail of NAILS.Glow’s excellent and safe home services, or recreate the experience in your own home!

Mothers’ Day is a time to make the women in your life feel special. It’s the kind of occasion where the thought counts the most, but every mom deserves a little something extra, whether it’s a gift, message, handcrafted creation, or products and services from your favorite brands and businesses.

This Mothers’ Day is especially significant because it’s being celebrated in the middle of a pandemic, where self-care should be at the forefront of people’s minds, yet is woefully taken for granted. Prioritizing mom’s health and wellness should be the first thing you do this Mothers’ Day, and what better way to do so than allowing her to pamper herself with tried-and-tested products and expert services?

That’s exactly what NAILS.Glow provides for all moms. More than offering a simple service, they believe in an advocacy of affordable self-care and wellness that is well-received by their customers all over the metro.

NAILS.Glow started in 2009, with owner and franchisor AJ Opeña having enjoyed spa services back when she was in the corporate world, but feeling that they were too expensive for the average employee. NAILS.Glow was her solution to providing affordable self-care services that anyone could avail of.

Throughout their business journey, NAILS.Glow has been empowered by Globe myBusiness, which provides them with Internet services that, in turn, allow them to reach their market, especially the millennials. Their marketing is done online through social media and their website, and their Globe phone lines help them establish connections with customers and employees alike. With Globe’s help, both their internal and external communications are secure, efficient, and done in real-time.

Besides being a long-standing business, they’re also a great example for other SMEs to follow. This year, they were kind enough to share with Globe myBusiness their tips on prioritizing mom’s self-care and pampering her on her special day:

As Cathy says, “In this pandemic, it’s important to strengthen both mind and body, since our immune systems are so dependent on our bodies’ [holistic] wellness.” There’s no better way to do this than by dedicating a day to self-care, and what better occasion than Mothers’ Day?

Particular attention needs to be given to moms as the unsung heroes of every generation and culture, and it’s beneficial to their health for them to pamper themselves and experience self-care. For the working mom who doesn’t get enough rest, this is the best way to give her the experience she deserves!

“We shouldn’t overlook the importance of pampering or relaxation,” shares Cathy. With regard to the current time, she adds that, “It’s not a luxury, it’s a need to have self-care.” We couldn’t agree more!

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