Expert Makeover for a Future-Proof Tomorrow with Globe Business’ BizMO

Globe Business launches a reality makeover web series for MSMEs to get the help they need.

When the Philippines imposed strict safety measures and the tourism industry consequently lost around USD80 billion during the pandemic, businesses, especially in the food and hospitality sector, were greatly affected.

But we Filipinos are a resilient bunch. Despite the odds, MSMEs adapted and fought to keep their businesses afloat. Thanks to partners like Globe Business, they are able to pivot through digitalization.

As the economy reopens, we now have to adapt to the next normal. Competition is gaining traction and will soon reach pre-pandemic levels. MSMEs are done with surviving as they now need to thrive and drive profits up. For tourism-related businesses, Globe has just the solution for you: BizMO: The Business Makeover,  the newest web reality series made just for entrepreneurs.

Launched on World Tourism Day last September 27, BizMO echoes Globe Business’ goal to be  MSMEs’ partner for recovery. The video series on Globe Business Academy lets businesses join, apply, and be chosen to share their story, business challenges, and concerns to a panel of seasoned business owners, industry experts, and technology consultants. This panel guides and shows how Globe Business can help enterprises, like Wanted Baboy, rise to any challenge through digital solutions. 

Rebuilding a Stronger, Digital-Ready Foundation

Wanted Baboy was a dream-turned-concept-then-turned-reality. Foodie owner Keith Rabo opened Wanted Baboy on October 30, 2019 after his friend found the perfect spot to open their restaurant… but not without obstacles along the way. In the middle of constructing his Korean Grill Restaurant, the contractor left without a trace. Delaying construction and leaving Keith and his team to finish it on their own, they had to continue to flesh out more capital. “I already lost a lot here but still pursued and stayed positive,” says Keith.

Finally, opening their unlimited KBBQ with local and international flavors for the people of Caloocan proved to be worth it all. For three months they did well, hitting it off with their market. They catered to what their customers liked, adjusting and testing new recipes as they went and it worked.

Until the pandemic hit.

Wanted Baboy was closed for six months. Keith retained his employees and paid their salaries yet many still decided to move on to different jobs. “My store wasn’t tailored to serve online and takeout so we just waited, uncertain of the future.” 

Despite this, he chose to persevere and by the time the government allowed restaurants to open for dine-in, he had managed to create online processes for his resto. He developed take-out with frozen ready-to-cook products, added cashless payment options, and established a stronger online presence to pay the bills that were returning to normal faster than everything else. He has also established the restaurant as an events space that can accommodate 100 people, and added Korean food-themed corporate giveaways to their offerings.

Keith hopes to keep his dream alive for his family, his late business partner, his loyal staff, and for his community. With a strong will and unwavering dedication, he is turning to Globe Business’ expertise to help him with marketing, product development, digitalization, advertisement, and strategic planning so that his dream restaurant can stand on its own against anything.

More Than Just Services and Solutions: A Partner To Guide You

With Globe Business’ Tara, Sabay Tayo campaign, they hope to inspire, empower, and support MSMEs like Wanted Baboy to rise again stronger and future-ready.

Wanted Baboy will be introduced to digital solutions and services such as RUSH and the RUSH e-commerce bundle. RUSH helps create a streamlined platform for an e-commerce website for Keith’s restaurant. The bundle combines with a strong internet connection for easier, reliable, and hands-off supervision. Wanted Baboy will also be introduced to possible digital advertising tools such as the ABS-CBN DASH – a DIY advertising platform that fits their budget. With ABS-CBN DASH, they can choose their ad type, target their audience, upload creatives, and get featured on ABS-CBN apps and websites. 

And now, with Globe Business’ latest initiative of BizMO on Globe Business Academy, owners like Keith can gain insights and learnings from fellow MSMEs as BizMO shines a light on heartening stories from the Philippines’ tourism sector. 

More than just tips and tricks from experts, they can acquire real-life experiences from other business owners, learning more about each other’s motivations and reasons for persevering despite challenges. BizMO is creating a safe space for MSMEs to share their struggles and get the means to put them on the road to business recovery.
Watch out for airing dates of chosen MSMEs on BizMO: The Business Makeover on Globe Business Academy via Globe Business on Facebook. Let’s show our support to local MSMEs like Wanted Baboy! For inquiries, get in touch with Wanted Baboy through their Facebook page or cellphone numbers 0922 331 7142 and  0977 811 0589.

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