Gear Up for a Productive 2022 With These Tips

This 2022, make sure you and your business are ready for more growth and productivity with these tips

It feels like we had only welcomed 2021 yesterday, and now it’s almost over. This year had its own sets of challenges we’re learning from, making us better equipped to face the new year. The Philippine economy is forecast to keep a steady growth this 2022, which means you need to prepare for better business and stronger competition. 

Make sure you and your team are always productive with these business resolutions!

Productivity  Resolution 1: Simplify your admin work 

 With hybrid work setups here to stay, your business needs to vigilantly monitor operations. Investing in digitalized systems will help you do so effectively and efficiently, where you can let technology handle menial managerial tasks. This way, you can focus on pouring your energy into business functions that drive the bottom line. 

Through online check-ins, virtual meetings, and real-time project collaborations, you can stay on top of your team even when apart. Moving your files and data to a  secure cloud also allows you to access documents anytime, anywhere, whether you’re at home or in the office. 

With these simple digital integrations, you can improve on your managerial tasks that fit into the new setup, such as using online time trackers to monitor work or completely shifting from a time-based to output-based compensation system. Use digital forms for Internal feedback and set aside regular virtual meetings for performance evaluations and coaching. 

ProTip: Keep yourself and your employees connected and accessible to one another with a simplified system for your administrative work using Google Workspace

You can all put essential business data and files in the company’s cloud storage which gives you  30 GB per user, twice more than the Google Drive storage of free personal accounts. You and your team can locate, edit, and send important business documents from any device you’re logged into because all files in your Google Workspace are synced online.

With Google Workspace, you can also build your brand’s credibility and legitimacy by creating a custom domain email address that you can use for all business-related emails. 

Features like Google Forms, Sheets, and Calendar with syncing capabilities also let you keep track of internal feedback, logins, and team activities.

Productivity Resolution 2: Understand how to use different communication channels

There are many options nowadays for communicating with your team and your customers. While these digital channels allow us to quickly connect to people despite distances, even expand market reach, it can get overwhelming when these flood our daily tasks. Knowing how to use each one will help you manage work better. 

Reserve virtual meetings for regular check-ins, group discussions, one-on-one evaluations, and when communicating business-wide updates. Video conferencing with customers for services like events, consultations, tech support, or product assessments greatly help with reducing face-to-face interactions. It keeps your team and customers safe while giving more flexibility to those involved. Make sure to cascade schedules and set up reminders so people can plan their to-dos ahead.

Use your emails for keeping tabs on important topics where you need to have visibility over different teams or action plans. Emails are best for formal requests, sending over big files, and semi to non-urgent concerns where organizing them into folders will help you have a birds-eye view of business activities. Utilize email features like the automatic responder or online status to let your colleagues know when to expect to hear back from you. 

Group chats are best for daily log-ins, updates, follow-ups, and urgent matters. Set up rules on response time to get a sense of your team’s availabilities. Organize chats into groups for different discussions for easier tracking.

Pro-Tip: Through Google Workspace, you have all the communication tools you need to run your business. Google Meet lets you enjoy up to 24 hours of video calls instead of the 3-hour maximum time of a free personal account. Gmail syncs with the entire productivity suite, so sharing big files and adding meetings to Calendar are seamless. Google Chat is also accessible via your Gmail, letting you toggle easily among these channels, whether using your computer or your phone.

Productivity Resolution 3: Protect your digital systems with cybersecurity 

With more than half of small and medium-sized enterprises attacked by hackers in 2021, causing them to lose both money and consumer trust, this is a resolution we urge you not to overlook.

As digital solutions aid you in creating accessible online systems and smoothening out administrative tasks, you need to protect your data from cyberattacks. This article gives you the basics:

 Digitalizing operations mean you need to be tech-savvy, so don’t neglect cybersecurity.

Pro-Tip: Invest in a secure online space like Google Workspace. Aside from its secure cloud storage, it offers additional features for your data and lets you continuously collect and analyze information to know the trends in your business without the fear of losing them. 

With Google Workspace, you can enjoy additional security options like two-step authentication and single sign-on (SSO). As a business owner, you can also use administrative controls for user accounts to manage and secure Google Workspace used by your staff.

You and your team can stay accessible to one another and your customers with Google Workspace’s 99.9% guaranteed uptime on business email, which you can also link and operate with Microsoft Outlook. And if there are any issues, you can reach out to the 24/7 phone and email support of Google Workspace.

Welcome the new year with Globe Business as your partner for all your company’s digital needs, because we’re here to help you know the latest trends and developments in the business world. Get Google Workspace for your business to ensure you and your team can be more productive this 2022.

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