Should You Be Scared of the Chinese Ghost Month?

You won't believe how these 4 simple Chinese Ghost Month business feng shui tips will help attract good luck and banish bad vibes.

In the traditional Chinese calendar, the seventh lunar month is called Ghost Month, that time of the year when the gates of hell supposedly open up, allowing ghosts and spirits to wreak havoc here on earth. This 2021, Ghost Month falls on August 8 to September 6, with the Chung Yuan or Hungry Ghost Festival on August 22.

Starting a new business, signing contracts, and doing renovations are some Ghost Month business activities that entrepreneurs are advised to steer clear of.

Fortunately, there are some Ghost Month feng shui moves to protect your business. Feng shui for business goes beyond the placement of items or the following of traditions to counteract the bad vibes brought about by Ghost Month; it also involves a shift in the mindset of the business owner.

Here are some Ghost Month tips to help business owners avoid bad luck and usher in positive vibes.

1. The lucky mindset

Susan Chan of Feng Shui Creative in New York says there are certain practices which could bring in some prosperity “chi” (energy) into your life right away. For starters, you could activate an affirmation or mantra to attract abundance. You could opt for something like “Abundance comes to me easily” or “I am full of abundance and prosperity.” Write it down, and recite every day before going to your office.

Keeping yourself positive will also serve to neutralize the bad vibes of Ghost Month. In her blog, Chan says, “If you are seeking prosperity and a feeling of abundance, you need to surround yourself with things that make you feel good. This could be good friends who support you, projects that excite you, or music that automatically lifts your spirit.” By maximizing your vibration and energy, you are essentially telling the universe to “keep sending more juicy goodness your way.”

2. The power office

The advent of Ghost Month is a good time to revisit the feng shui of your office. The placement of the various elements of your office can make a significant difference in the energy of any space.

Make sure your desk is in a command position. Chan says you have to be able to see who is coming through the door while you’re at your desk. If this is not possible, then strategically hang a mirror so you see who’s coming.

At the same time, check the flow of energy in your office. Tidy up. Take out unnecessary books and documents. There should be ample space between your desk and the wall so that energy can flow freely.

Of course, energy will flow freely with improved indoor air quality. The feng shui solution to this is a simple one: Use indoor plants! Some plants that you might want to consider include the Areca palm, which is popular and easy to care for; bamboo palm, which brings a tropical vibe to any room; and English Ivy, which is easy to grow.

3. The good energy desk

You spend many hours at your desk, especially this coming Ghost Month when the best of plans can go awry, so you better make sure that there’s a lot of good energy going around.

A desk made of wood is actually the best feng shui choice as it brings natural and nourishing energy. The traditional rectangular desk is still your best option as it grounds your energy, laying the foundation for growth and expansion. If you have a a round- or square-shaped desk, better think of replacing those before Ghost Month. A square desk denotes stagnation while a round one connotes constant movement.

4. Symbols of success

Further attract success and abundance by bringing in powerful feng shui symbols into your office. Bringing in the energy of success and speed as well as freedom and fame is the horse. A galloping horse can steer you towards the path to success. A red horse will help promote the success of your business. A white horse in motion denotes the steady inflow of money. The best spot for your horse symbol is the south area of your office.

Another feng shui symbol which could prove auspicious for your office is the dragon. Whether your feng shui dragon is a print or a painting, a carving or a carpet, the dragon symbolizes abundant life, strength, fertility, and prosperity.

The best spot for your dragon is the wall behind your desk or desk chair — the better to support you as you go about working through Ghost Month.

Remember that despite the guidance you’ve read here, nothing beats hard work and perseverance. Being prepared for challenges is still your best bet to weather any storm. For your business, our free Diskarte Kit is one way to prepare. You can download this easy-to-use business and marketing planner here.

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