2022 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business’ Growth and Resurgence

It’s time to own your success this 2022 — get these business resolutions going for a thriving year.

For entrepreneurs, 2021 was the year where we’ve finally started putting into practice the changes we’ve needed to make since the pandemic broke out in 2020. It wasn’t easy, but it’s amazing how most businesses have conquered these changes from digital-first systems to hybrid work set-ups.

Now that 2022 is here, business owners like you can take this time to step back and reflect on what you need for your business to have a more resilient and more successful year ahead. Ready to do that? We’ve got these New Year’s resolutions for you and your business to get you ready for 2022.

Business Resolution #1: Tune up your strategic plan

Running a business can be overwhelming, and running a business during a pandemic can be even more so. You would need to make a lot of key decisions to grow your business and expand operations. That’s why you’ve got to have a solid strategic plan that can carry you, your business, and your team through any challenges and obstacles that]may be thrown at you.

To create a strategic plan, you need to collect, consolidate, and plan about your business — both inside with your team and operations and outside with your customers and market. You can partner with Globe Business and their marketing technology solutions to understand your existing customer base with insights into their demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and digital footprint profiles, which would then in turn help you find a wider market for your business.

Business Resolution #2: Digitize your business

The first step in the plan to grow your business is to optimize your operations. You would need more products, more manpower, and more resources. This means you need to streamline your processes and simplify administrative tasks to get your business running smoothly. You can do this by digitizing your day-to-day, so your manpower can spend less time worrying about menial tasks and more time accomplishing important duties.

Allow your team to work freely in and out of the office when you give them access online with the right Globe Business internet plan. Get the whole team working together efficiently in one place through Google Workspace, which has all the productivity apps you know and use in your business, while you can also share and access documents through a shared cloud that can store all your important data and be secured by Globe’s Data Center Infrastructure.

Business Resolution #3: Get up to speed on online marketing

With most people working away from the office, fewer people are out to receive flyers on the streets or to see billboards along highways, and more people are spending time online. This makes it all the more important for your business to be digitally visible because online is where your potential customers are.

To promote your business online, you can post more frequently, launch an online campaign, or place ads on social media platforms. But perhaps the best way to attract your potential market is to become more relevant to them with digital rewards and loyalty programs, both of which you can get from Globe Business. When your customers make a purchase, you can offer to reward them with telco promos or digital vouchers from Globe Business’ online partners such as GCash, Lazada, and Grab. You can also boost brand engagement with Globe Business’ RUSH, a plug-and-play application that you can use to design and manage a personalized loyalty program.

Business Resolution #4: Promote your business regularly and consistently

Once you’ve established your business, you cannot stop there – because that’s just the beginning of your growth. To continue expanding your business, you need to promote regularly and consistently, or else your customers might just forget about you. And while online marketing is well and good and fast becoming the new norm, there are still other digital ways you can reach your customers — through text messages.

Whether your customers have access to the internet or not, as long as they have a registered mobile number, you can reach them and remind them that you and your business are here, ready to offer your products and services to them, through Globe Business’ M360. This digital solution allows you to connect with your market anytime and send bulk branded messages to the customers in your database. And you can do it anytime, anywhere with just your Globe mobile number.

Business Resolution #5: Join a new business organization

Growing your business also means making new connections and learning from fellow entrepreneurs and field experts to help you expand your knowledge.

Joining a business-related organization or networking group would go a long way. And you don’t even need to look further because Globe Business is offering its very own loyalty program for MSME owners through the Globe Business Upstart. In this program, you can get many perks such as employee training, product trials, masterclasses, member gifts, free product trials, free business consultations, and potential co-branding campaigns. When you join this tiered program, you can have Globe Business as your partner in digitizing and growing your business, expanding your network, and taking your business to the top. You’ll even get a welcome gift upon joining!

Business Resolution #6: Secure your business

As your business continues expanding and digitizing, it also becomes more prone to some dangers, including hacking and other online attacks. That’s exactly why you should invest in cybersecurity to prevent attacks before it even happens.

Look no further because Globe Business’ Cybersecurity Solutions offers everything you need to safeguard your business. Secure your work computers and devices with endpoint security, and protect any emails going in and out of your company. Create and manage a firewall that gives you the power to authorize who can access your network. And keep a reliable IT expert on call with Globe’s IT Support. When you’ve got reliable security and support in place like these, you can just focus on growing your business without any worry.

Own your business success in 2022

After reflecting on the past year running your business, the next step is to breathe in the possibilities that come with the new year. Even if there are some aspects in your business you think you should’ve dealt with better last year, you can take them as a lesson and make improvements this year. Keep these business resolutions in mind as you face the new year, so you can begin 2022 well-prepared and ready to own your business success.

Need help turning these resolutions into reality? We can lend you a hand. Send us a message, and we’ll let you know exactly what your business needs.

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