Build Your Business’ Social Media Presence With Your Smartphone

Discover how to promote your business on social media through the power of smartphones.

Social networking apps have become essential tools in every smartphone. In the era of mobile technology, businesses can instantly engage with their customers anytime and anywhere in the world.

With the right specs, a smartphone can become a powerful enterprise tool to enhance your brand’s image. Here’s how you can go about using a smartphone to build social media presence:

Get Creative

With social media marketing, you can publish unlimited content anytime and anywhere. But, not all posts are worthy of your customers’ attention.  Making posts doesn’t only mean using the best mobile apps and productivity tools to make stunning text, images, and videos, it also means creating content that resonates with your target audience.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have analytics platforms that allow you to see what your customers are interested in, what time they are online, and what kind of content they’re more likely to react to. The data from these platforms can help you create better creative content, be it a regular hygienic post or an ad.

Create Multimedia Content

Your smartphone is more than a communication device, it is also a super computer that allows you to create multimedia content. Besides having topnotch cameras, smartphones today can even support high-end video editing apps, allowing you to create awesome social media content for your business.

Creating videos is one of the best ways to boost your social media presence. On platforms such as Facebook, live or pre-recorded videos have better leeways to reach a wider audience compared to other content forms. On Instagram, videos are also taking full-swing, especially since the launch of Instagram Stories.

Create Timely Content

It’s not enough to mindlessly make content; the best way to make the most of it is through a social media branding strategy. Publishing content for your business regularly is all good, but making sure your posts resonate with the current times can make it better. One way to start this off is by looking at your calendar and creating content that’s apt for the season.

For example, every October, you know that most people talk about ghosts and spooky encounters, so creating content that pokes into those subjects will surely attract more engagements.

With that said, scheduling and publishing all that content may be a lot of work, but there are smartphone apps that can help you with your branding strategy. Social media management apps like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to schedule your posts across a variety of social media. With these apps, you can create content in advance or on-the-spot and publish them when the time is right without hassle.

Monitor Your Performance

Besides providing data on what your audience is interested in, social media analytics can also track your progress in terms of reaching out to your market. With real-time data at hand, crafting and adjusting your business’ social media branding strategy is much easier, especially through a smartphone.

Thanks to smartphone-specific apps for social media analytics, management and messaging, you can now easily access vital social media data, strategize on the go, and send out the plan for your team’s execution through a single handheld device.

Engage Your Customers

Thanks to built-in messaging functions in social media platforms, customer-entrepreneur communication has been made easier. This allows businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers and interact with them in real time.

Engaging your customers is especially convenient through your smartphone. With almost every social media platform having smartphone-ready apps, you can take relationship building with your customers anywhere you are.

In the case of Facebook, you can download the Facebook Pages app on your smartphone to receive messages from your customers and readily reply to them. If you’re not always available to reply, you can use your laptop or desktop to develop an automatic-response Facebook chat bot, which also works on your Facebook Pages.

Smartphones have proven to be an important tool in the digital world. In spite of these devices’ size, smartphones can help entrepreneurs monitor stores remotely, provide important real-time operations data, and run the business on the go, anytime and anywhere.

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