AUTOMATE : The Internet of Things

What Philippine Manufacturers Need to Know

The INTERNET OF THINGS is a revolutionary system that forms an online network of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling these devices to send, receive and analyze data at scale. In a business setting, these optimized processes allow entrepreneurs to make more effective business decisions,ultimately growing revenues and the bottomline.Whether or not you’ve heard of the Internet of Things, you’ll surely become more
familiar with the term in the next few years.

To debunk a common misconception, IoT is more than just machine-to-machine functionality. It involves the
combination of three systems:

  1. Digital devices

    The Internet of Things is defined by the networking of physical things (hence its name) by enabling them with sensors, cameras, software, and network connectivity. These things range from household appliances, vehicles, machinery and equipment, infrastructures, and even clothing. When embedded with sensors, software and connectivity, these “digital devices” are able to gather, analyze, send, report and even act upon data.

  2. Data

    The data that digital devices collect often depend on the devices themselves. An easy example would be a refrigerator that keeps track of the products inside it, a car that notes commonly visited locations and drives itself to those venues, or sensors on machinery that predict the machine’s degradation.
    In fact, sensors can be made to detect various factors: temperature, touch, proximity, pressure, the presence of smoke and gas … the list goes on and on.
    But the important part of IoT isn’t the data itself, even though that’s pretty revolutionary―it’s the many uses of that data, which can be dissected and understood through the IoT network.

  3. IoT Network

    The most important part of IoT is the network that brings everything together. By connecting all these sensors (i.e. the ones in the refrigerator, the car, or the machine) to one network, you can access all the data they collect―and in the case of manufacturing, you can use this data to improve business operations.

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