Are You Losing Money with the Work Tools you Purchased?

Learn how your business can use these tools to turn a profit.

As a negosyante, running a business with maximum efficiency means making the most of the tools available to you. Digital tools can now help you manage every aspect of your business, and it’s time for you to embrace the transformation.

Embracing digitization means not only getting the device you need, but also getting the productivity tools that can help you manage your business.

Here’s how you can create value for money using mobile devices like phones and tablets equipped with fast Internet connection and essential productivity apps.

Social media as a marketplace

Facebook and Instagram are not just platforms to connect with people across the world. With a mindset of an entrepreneur, you can turn these social media platforms into your marketplace where opportunities are limitless.

For example, you can turn your Instagram profile into your personal apparel business. You can take and publish stunning photos of clothes and sell them on the platform. Strike deals with interested buyers via direct message and it’s up to you whether you’ll deliver the products by yourself or through a delivery service.

Likewise, you can also sell books, gadgets, food, and other products on Facebook through the app’s “marketplace” section. If you want to sell products in a specific category, you can join Facebook groups that are specific to a market niche.

Selling through other online marketplaces are also good alternatives such as Lazada, Shopee, Carousell, BeautyMNL or Zalora.

Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) as a virtual office

Technology allows every business owner to use mobile devices to manage their businesses virtually anywhere. Using Google’s Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), your team can run your business in an office, a coffee shop, or at home.

With the Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), you can write and edit your business plans and contracts, as well as manage your inventory and ledgers on any device. You can also store your important files on Google Drive. With the Drive, you can access and share your files to any account as well as save space on your devices.

Chat apps as a business hotline

With free chat tools like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat or Telegram, your business can create its own free hotline where customers can communicate with your business.

Allow your customers to instantly send inquiries, requests, and feedback to your business. Make sure that you can promptly respond to their messages.

Likewise, you can also use these chat apps to collaborate with your team virtually anywhere, such as Slack or Google Hangouts. If your business runs more than one branch, you can create chat groups where your employees and managers from different locations provide updates on business operations.

Tablet devices as a personal computer

Convenience and portability are important when doing business today. This is why tablet devices have become powerful business tools for on-the-go negosyante.

Add a bluetooth keyboard or stylus to your tablet device and you’ll get a personal computer that you can easily tuck in your backpack or handbag. Complement it with a 4G LTE Sim card and you can use your tablet device to call your clients.

With all these work tools on a mobile device with Internet, you have the power to boost your business’ productivity and at the same time create value for money.

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