Help your School Adapt to the New Normal with Globe myBusiness’ School Management System

Streamline your school's day-to-day operations by bringing them online with School Management System.

A global pandemic has forced much of the world to stay at home. As a result, many establishments took their operations online. This doesn’t exclude schools. The mandate released by the Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) oblige schools to explore remote or online learning, blended learning for areas with no COVID-19 cases, or adaptive learning based on what works for the school’s premise.

Educational facilities must adapt their processes for digital activities and the new normal. The last thing you want your students to worry about is their future education in the face of uncertainty.

With Globe myBusiness’ School Management System (SMS), can help you streamline school operations and processes and automate your entire workflow, allowing both your staff and students to access information and track their records any time and anywhere. The School Management System will allow your school to:

Make Informed Decisions

1. Enhance Performance Through Real-time Analytics

Your president can receive summary reports from every department, giving you full view and control over how your school operates. This will help you and your school’s stakeholders make faster and better management decisions in improving your school’s performance.

2. Efficiently Manage Expenses

Review your school’s finances and tuition fees easily and immediately. The department can easily create and send financial reports to management for review and send notifications to students about payment due dates, discounts, and promos.

Simplify Day-to-day Operations

1. Easily Access Files

A centralized system reduces errors and gives users easy access to records and files. Users can access these anywhere and at any time. Your school can fully optimize operations for improved overall productivity.

2. Stay Connected

Foster a more engaged and dynamic community by providing an online platform where students, teachers, and parents can interact and engage with each other on various issues. Not only that, but they’ll also stay informed on schedules, school events, and activities.

3. Receive Instant Updates from Anywhere

In this current climate of uncertainty, your students’ safety is a top priority. With SMS, students can access their schedules, keep track of their grades, and view their account history all from the safety of their own home.

4. Get Real-time Records

Apart from students having to adjust to online learning, the shift to online teaching can be tricky for teachers. SMS makes their jobs easier through useful tools. The tools allow them to maintain and manage students’ records online and input data like grades and assessments into the school’s web portal. The system automatically calculates students’ final grades, making reviewing students’ performance that much easier.

5. Move Enrollment Online

An online queuing system allows the entire process to be streamlined and can smoothen out any previous paperwork-related inefficiencies. There’s no need to go and line up at school. Students and parents just need to log-in to an online portal, with the system instantly providing registration files they need.

6. Lessen Paper Use

By taking schools online, SMS can help you streamline processes and digitize documents. Instead of printing these files, you’ll effectively reduce your school’s carbon footprint, making your institution environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

But more beneficial is how digitizing makes processes easier. Locating and tracking file movements are faster and smoother without having to sift through physical files and folders. With this kind of efficient file keeping, time spent on paperwork, and lags on fulfilling requests will be things of the past.

Don’t get left behind by a lack of technological support.

Shift to online processes, learning, and teaching. Create the future of learning by moving operations online today.

Schedule a digital consultation with our account managers so we can assess and streamline your school’s processes.

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