Coming Back Strong: How To Re-open your Business Doors and Connect with Customers

Prepare and make noise as you reopen your business to get your customers' attention.

Embracing the new normal is everybody’s challenge. But perhaps even more so for entrepreneurs, who must take the lead in balancing safe operations and a profitable livelihood for the entire team.

Aside from adding a safety layer at every process when you reopen your business, products must also adapt to meet consumer priorities. These include better ways of re-engaging customers, increasing defenses against the virus, and reimagining delivery channels that allow social distancing.

Customers hesitate to go out and spend so much to preserve much-needed savings. But there are new gaps to fill in their lives as they seek harmless ways to socialize, travel, shop, eat, and experience an equally fulfilling life altogether.

Here we round up how you can prepare and make noise for your business to get your customers’ attention while gearing your products and services up to reach them safely.

Oiling the Gears

A car that you haven’t used in a while needs a thorough check-up for damages, and maybe even upgrades to be safe to drive. Likewise, businesses bravely coming out to face the pandemic need to check what is in their arsenal.

Study your Business Plan & Contingency Plan

Review your business plan to see if your priorities at the beginning of 2020 are still applicable. Check government and private programs out there meant to help businesses weather the worst ditches.

Having learned our lesson that the unexpected can truly happen, foolproof your business from other possible disturbances it may face. Look into your core competency and fortify your business with technology: the oil that has powered us through this crisis.

Check the Cash Flow

Forecast cash flow and inventory to see how far they can take you. Determine a budget for PPEs, new product lines, and logistics.

Look at Industry Trends

Watching your competition is also worthwhile. Reach out for your team’s perspectives so your business can have a holistic view. For some industry viewpoints, click here and here.

Keys in Ignition

Now that you have your plans in place, it’s time to think of how you’ll effectively inform your customers that you’re back in business.

Find The Channels your Target Market Uses

Determine the social media platforms and technological tools your consumers are more comfortable using.

Use data available to you, like social media analytics, even conduct surveys on your customers directly via tools like Google Forms, to narrow down the channels to reach your market.

Freshen up Product Offerings

Ride on your bestsellers by bundling it with your slower-moving or overstocked products. Attract your customers with discounts and freebies (like delivery) to help more products wind up in your customers’ basket. Create long-lasting relationships with customers with money-back guarantees, too.

Brand image also matters when you pair your products with emotional benefits like amusement, convenience, or an opportunity to donate to a cause.

This may be a good time to also work with photographers, videographers, or advertising agencies to help you visualize your brand and products while business is not yet as busy. You will also be helping these hard-hit industries who are likely to give good deals right now.

Find the Right Words

For consumers, they must know when you’ll be open, what products and services will not be available, and the actions your business has taken to minimize the spread of the virus. Humbly acknowledge that things won’t be perfect and heed your customers’ suggestions, if any. We break this down further here.

Revving the Engine

With your products and brand message ready, go and reach out to consumers. Be receptive to the new habits your patrons might have adopted – and be memorably present there.

SMS: Your Easiest Win

A cellphone is arguably the most essential device in the world. SMS is a quick and sure way to reach your existing customer database. According to 2016 studies, more than half of the Philippine population uses mobile phones, and about 3 in 10 Filipinos have smartphones.

Texts are instantly seen. To take advantage, find ways to collect your market’s contact information. You can hold a contest, create a loyalty program, provide an incentive for answering surveys, or have them sign up for SMS updates or newsletters. Clean and build your customer database with these tips.

Your first sentence can make or break a customer connection, and these are the types of messages they should be getting from you.

Pro-tip: Instead of manually creating databases and sending messages from a mobile number, use M360 for sending announcement blasts with your brand as the Sender ID.

E-MAIL: Your Second Channel

Alternatively, story-driven e-mail blasts are cost-efficient since you don’t pay per send-out. These are good for integrating uplifting images, personalized headers, showcase what’s new, list schedules, and link directly to a shopping basket, your website, or your social media accounts.

You can reinforce your brand with customized layouts and personalized subject heads to catch attention. Just make sure to keep e-mails short, concise, and visually appealing.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Entertainment & Connection Hub

Because the ECQ has made social media integral in our lives, your posts will reach more active users. Compared to traditional media like billboards or TV spots, social media is still the most practical option for mass marketing. Just be wary not to flood your customers and use these strategies to overcome social media fatigue.

Pro-tip: On Facebook, make use of FB Ads to reach the right market and convert users to buyers effectively.

MESSAGING APPS: The New Marketplace

The ECQ also re-popularized the use of community chats as people seek means to socialize and connect hyper-locally. Here, you get to use a genuine voice and geographically group your customers so your team can personally respond to them and deliver useful announcements in their area.

Pro-tip: Stay responsive online with Globe myBusiness ThePLAN Plus 999‘s 8GBs of mobile data monthly. This is ideal for messaging app updates anywhere.

ONLINE: Your 24/7 Storefront

Don’t discount the power of search. When potential customers see your business in social media or a messaging app but fail to bookmark it, they’ll turn to find you online. Many still rely on a quick Google search, too, when looking for products and services. Be ready and revamp your website with your updates, new offers, and other relevant changes you’ve undertaken. This goes the same for your pages in e-commerce sites like Lazada or Shopee.

Employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are a must in our increasingly online world. In a nutshell, the right SEO will improve your website’s visibility when searched, thus growing your website traffic. This is done by using and placing the right keywords and phrases related to your business at your site’s vital sections. Learn more about this and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in this resource.

Pro-tip: UNLI Internet 1899 will help you stay connected at all times, best for monitoring your website and pages.

Driving Forward

COVID-19 creates new lifestyles for all of us, but as humans have done for ages, we learn to adapt and grow. Your business came to where it is because of a product or skill that you specialize in. So long as you stay passionate to learn with others, partner with the right business solutions providers like Globe myBusiness, keep a pulse on your market, and remain committed responding to your customers’ changing needs, your business will persevere.


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