Easily Manage Your Globe Business Account, Anytime Anywhere With GlobeOne

GlobeOne helps you access your Globe Business Mobile and Broadband Accounts in just a few taps.

Managing expenses and keeping updated financial records can be a real burden to entrepreneurs who are also actively operating their businesses. From consolidating all receipts to making sure your team is not exceeding their allowed data charges, there are a lot of little things constantly flooding your mind.

You may even find yourself suddenly remembering to pay a bill in the middle of another task, or realizing that you need to increase your call minutes while chatting up one of your customers. Here’s a quick-fire solution to lessen the stress when it comes to your telco concerns — GlobeOne.

What is GlobeOne?

GlobeOne is a digital companion for all your Globe needs, designed to help you win back your time with its simple yet functional interface. Monitor your Globe Business postpaid mobile and broadband accounts including other Globe accounts like Globe at Home, Home Prepaid Wifi, and even your Globe and TM prepaid accounts. You no longer need to queue up in stores or call on a customer service representative when you want to accurately track your usage, conveniently check your bill, and pay it anytime, anywhere. Consider it a big checkmark off your to-do list!

Who can benefit from using GlobeOne?

All Globe Business postpaid mobile and broadband customers can access GlobeOne online or through the app. Features available vary depending on customer profile.

Where do I find the GlobeOne App?

The app is available for free on the Android and Apple platforms, via the App Store and Play Store, respectively. To download it on your phone, all you need is a Wifi or mobile data connection. You may also try a speedier option by scanning this QR code linking to the app.

You can also access the web version by clicking https://bit.ly/GlobeOne.

Just register and enroll your Globe Business postpaid mobile or broadband account and you’re good to go.

How can I start using GlobeOne?

Use your frequently checked email (Gmail or Yahoo) or your ever-versatile Facebook account to sign up to the GlobeOne app. Once registered, add your Globe Business postpaid mobile and/or broadband account. You will then receive a one-time PIN via text or email through the number or email address you registered with GlobeOne. Encode this pin within the time limit, and voila, your dashboard is ready to serve you!

How do I maximize GlobeOne for my lifestyle?

As a busy entrepreneur, the best benefit is how quickly you can review all your usage data and see how you can better spend your budget to increase the efficiency of your business. For instance, if you find that you are unable to maximize your consumables or allocation for calls, you can use it for mobile data so you can upload content more frequently on your social media accounts. For the schedule-driven folks, it’s easy to see your bill cut-off dates and missing those deadlines will be a thing of yesterday. Payments can be made through the app, even while you are in your pajamas. On the momentous occasion you are finally able to enjoy a vacation, activating roaming will also be easy via GlobeOne, even when you’re already overseas.

Here are the complete features and benefits present in both mobile and broadband:

1. View and download bill

No more waiting in line or queueing. Get a copy of your bills in just a few taps of your finger. View the PDF copy or download and print it.

2. Check the amount to pay and due date

You no longer have to worry about getting your services interrupted when you know how much and when to pay your bill.

3. Pay bills

No need to waste time falling in line for payment. You can pay online using your credit card or GCash and have your payment posted in near real-time.

4. Track data usage

Track your usage and not worry about exceeding your budget.

5. View plan details and cut-off

Maximize your plan by knowing your allocations and inclusions, and when your bill cycle starts or ends.

6. Discover Business

Read curated articles about businesses, plus tips and tricks on how to manage your business accounts.

7. Resolve a concern via the Help Center

Resolve or troubleshoot concerns on your own, or raise a ticket if you need further assistance. When you opt for this feature, you will be directed to the Help Center page where you can read support articles about troubleshooting or raise a ticket about account/plan concerns.

8. Chat with a live agent

A live agent is always ready to assist you with your account concerns.

9. Edit your profile

Modify your account information via the app to keep your details updated.

For mobile accounts, customer can also view their payment history and contract expiry.

GlobeOne aims to serve its customers with relevant functions all in one place. Get ready for more effective workdays ahead! Take control of your Globe Business postpaid mobile and broadband with GlobeOne.

Exclusive offers, event invites, and freebies await when you update your contact details! Get these and receive real-time notifications on your account when you update now: glbe.co/Get-Updates-GmBA

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