Know How GCash for Business Products Make Handling Money Easier for Your Business

Let GCash for Business help you handle your day-to-day spending in your business

If cashless transactions were a rising form of preferred payment mode then, it’s all the more in demand now. Crises like COVID-19 can limit our movement, and going cashless keeps us safe while we meet our day-to-day needs. Here are the advantages of this recommended form of transaction:

You get all the details you need

Having a paper trail of transactions helps us budget and forecast better. You can quickly generate reports with the date/time, description, amount, and more. You have a tangible record that lets you easily manage and assess your cash flow.


Carrying a huge amount of cash is nerve-wracking. With cashless payment, you lessen your vulnerability to getting held up and physically misplacing your money. On the technical side, having your account password-protected gives you peace of mind knowing your transaction details are secure.


Social distancing includes lessening physical contact not just with people, but also with objects. Money passes through many hands and things. They’re effective receptacles of germs and diseases. That’s the last thing anyone wants to deal with at the moment.


Many facilities are not just payment gateways; they also let you perform other transactions. From paying bills to investing, donating to causes in need, and transferring money to loved ones. All this without the hassle of lining up in banks, withdrawing huge sums, and basically getting out of the house.

With GCash, you get all these benefits with ease. Being the leading digital payment platform in the country, GCash has 20 million registered users, is availed by over 63,000 partner merchants, and has 16,000 partner outlets.

GCash for Business

Under GCash, you can also enjoy the benefits of GCash for BusinessThis online platform lets you transfer money in real-time from anywhere, anytime. It’s a convenient, secure, efficient, and economical way of sending salary to employees or loans proceeds to customers. Enjoy all these benefits:

User-Friendly for Employees

Minimal third party coordination means you can add funds to your company account through any of GCash for Business’ 14 partner banks by 3pm, after which you can already transfer money to your employees’ accounts. Once you’ve made the transfers, you and your employees will get an SMS notification. Plus, with over 18,000 accredited ATMs nationwide, employees have more options on where to withdraw.

Safer than Cash

A safe and secure way to send funds to individual accounts, GCash for Business ensures that your employees receive the money they earned. By reducing the amount of cash involved in everyday operations, it protects your money from theft and fund mismanagement. Also, all transfers require an approver to make sure details are correct before processing.


Since GCash for Business requires no maintaining balance, it gives you the freedom to manage your funds accordingly. Consequently, cash flows freely through your organization.

Be a GCash Merchant for more Business

Grow your market even more by expanding your business online. Get a head start by tapping GCash’s 20,000,000+ users when you sign up as a GCash merchant. Providing your customers with the option to pay by using their phone to scan a QR code (that you can post on your website or account as a picture) and entering the exact amount — they don’t even need to be in your store to settle the bill. Combined with using your own or a third-party logistics provider, your customers can order and you can fulfill them instantly from the safety of your homes!

It also gives you and your customers real-time SMS notifications, so you know that payment has been made immediately. Payments to your QR code are automatically added to your company’s GCash merchant account with transaction details to make it easier for your sales reports.

Expand your market, go cashless, and stay #SafeAtHome! Apply for GCash for Business or GCash QR code now.


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