Globe Business and Supply Chain Leaders Partner to Support MSMEs for Future Success

Re-tell Your Retail is part 1 of 3 of the digital kwentuhan series, Biz is it! Supply Chain Stories for Future Success. 

This intimate gathering aims to catalyze innovation through a casual kwentuhan with MSMEs tackling digital innovation. Supply chain leaders from retail, logistics and manufacturing are invited to share insights and true-to-life experiences and tips that MSMEs can use as a guide for their future success.

The guests shared real-world challenges and how ICT and digital solutions will be invaluable tools in facilitating business operations. Ms. Wong of Lazada Philippines highlighted how digital solutions play an important role in advancing one’s business and said: “The best time to be online was yesterday, the second-best time is today.” This was supported by Mr. Campos: “We, as a business community, can do our part to help the economy move forward. More than any sector, I think, kayong mga entrepreneurs and MSMEs will really take the country forward. Ms. Lopez-Vergara also rallied MSMEs to “​​Be very solution-driven. Don’t do what you usually do. Do things beyond what you usually do.” 

Although the next normal presents new challenges, Ms. Castenada said that these defining moments can also lead to many opportunities. She explains that the first hurdle that needs to be overcome is for MSMEs to realize that tech adoption is not just an added expense but more of an investment with long-term benefits. As their staunchest ally, Globe Business is ready and able to provide MSMEs with digital information, connectivity, and made-for-business solutions that enable market penetration, base expansion, and rapid growth so these entrepreneurs can own their future success, today. Watch the first installment of Globe Business’ 3-part web series here:

To learn more about Globe Business Solutions, you may visit their website here.

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